MUSE The Brain Sensing Headband
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MUSE The Brain Sensing Headband

I'm going to be using this. It works with brainwaves.
It takes a baseline when you start. It plays sounds like on the beach or rainforest.

When you calm the mind, the sounds get calmer.

So it helps give you an idea of if your mind is silent.

I have had trouble meditating because I can't still my mind. I don't usually have a reference point.

It costs about $170. The company has a newer more expensive version, but I didn't need heart rate and breathing and stuff.

I feel that brainwave is good enough.

In case some others here are looking for a meditative device, this might be useful. I have the app on my phone which is over 90MB.
That is big for an app, but it probably is mostly the audio files.

I am looking forward to seeing how a quiet mind can benefit me with meditation.

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