Ra's "balancing exercise" doesn't work for me
05-15-2019, 02:24 PM,
Ra's "balancing exercise" doesn't work for me
Over the years, I've experimented many times with the "balancing exercise" given by Ra wherein we go into a meditative state at the end of the day, recalling an emotionally charged experience, and then calling in the "opposite" feelings in order to achieve psychological balance.

Unfortunately, I've never experienced any success with this exercise. For one thing, by the end of the day any strong emotions I have felt are very difficult for me to recall with anything near the same intensity as when I experienced them earlier in the day. And for another thing, whenever I "call upon" the opposite feeling to come into my consciousness, nothing happens.

I'm curious to know if any others have experienced these same difficulties, and if so, if they've found any way to make the exercise more effective.
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