STO is automatic, STS requires the choice?
05-15-2019, 07:04 PM,
RE: STO is automatic, STS requires the choice?
(05-15-2019, 06:07 PM)flofrog Wrote:  As Merrick said, if you don't polarize, you just do not. You do not automatically polarize STO by just sitting.  Wink

The thing with STO is that when you consciously do it, decide to serve others, and doing it with pure love, it does give you such ecstatic moments of love that it becomes something you are are happy to research more and more. Then you really forget about STS or whether you have a low or high percentage of STS within.  STO takes you, life changes completely,  humans become your friends and it's hard to not see another human as not yourself.
It doesn't mean you are not going to rest,  take care of your body,  eat an ice-cream, watch a good movie, but the joy that  service to others gives you is such that it stays with you and you realize life is truly wonderful.  Somehow the reward of STO is more STO  Wink

lol  I remember a talk of the Dalai Lama where someone asked him what is the reward of courage, and the Dalai Lama said it's courage. I thought it was such a cool answer and I think STO is the same  Wink

Good buddhist jibe with the just sitting, actually just sitting should get you to 6.5 if we follow buddhism, but most people cant "just ssit" in fact if anything it makes me more convinced that to get to positive all you have to do is "just sit" to get to negative you have to use your own mind for your benefit, i somehow feel STS is more comfortable with me now, anyway if the choice is correct at least ill be around to help you guys when you get to 4th D Big Grin
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