STO is automatic, STS requires the choice?
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RE: STO is automatic, STS requires the choice?
(05-16-2019, 03:34 PM)Cyan Wrote:  Perhaps if I do choose STS intentionally and im right about organic matter being preferrential to serve itself I can give all'yall a hand when we get to the 4th D. Wonder if that thought is STS or STO. Big Grin

Anyway, good discussion, im just starting to feel like STS is the natural choice for organic matter and STO the natural choice for non organic matter like planets or stars and the biggest hurdle for STS civilizations is destroying their own planet instead of being able to at least protect it. Dunno.

In all honesty, I'm not convinced the whole STO/STS trope has turned out to be very helpful at all. As near as I can discern, it has resulted in way more confusion than clarity.

At the core, it is quite contradictory to lay out a philosophy whose central tenet is that we are all one being, and then promulgate an ethical theory which rests upon carving out the "self" as something apart from everything else.

Even if we leave out other dimensions, and consider only the physical, we now know that humans are composite beings. We have at least as many microbial cells comprising our organism as human cells, and if we consider the genetic level, the DNA which determines a so called "person" is over 90% microbial.

So where is the "self" in all this? If a parasite in my brain caused me to take a risky action that brought harm to another, why should "I" accept the karma of that, and agree to future suffering to "learn love"? Go torture and harass the parasite to be "more loving" is what I'd say to the so-called "Lords of Karma". Seriously what a joke! Big Grin

Once again we find ourselves faced with the conundrum that beings millions of years ahead of us apparently don't know any more biological science than we did circa 1981.

Couple this with the extreme and recalcitrant bias toward martyrdom in the channel, and I'd take anything they say concerning bioethics with a grain of salt.

Nonetheless, if you want to explore "STS" (whatever that means to you) I say go for it! Personally, I have much more respect for a being who is unabashedly selfish, than a bunch of posers hanging out in the sinkhole wasting life energy and mucking things up for the rest of us who have grown tired of the merry-go-round of earth.
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