STO is automatic, STS requires the choice?
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RE: STO is automatic, STS requires the choice?
(05-15-2019, 03:49 PM)Cyan Wrote:  So, ive been reading through the Ra material some more lately and ive had a feeling that STO is automatic, in that if you do no action others will use you towards their goals and that will eventually land you at 100% STO, while every choice you take is inherently STS because its from the self for the benefit of the self, moreso than ever being helpful or passive towards the universe.

So that leads us to a situation where all the matter in the universe eventualy develops along STO lines and the sentient material develops to STS if it makes the choice to evolve. So our proper placement as a group is 4D STS instead of STO, while the planet and the non sentient matter such as sunlight will develop into STO. I have a feeling like if you assume the universe is a simulation then the matter will slowly develop to be "beneficial" or "more immersive" to the programmer along STS (*STO?) lines and that would be a "success" for the initial programmer of the life, or Logos, and the individuals who develop along STS lines will develop into individuated programmes that make their own universes and advance the pursuit of life, in that if you make a fully STO universe a the programmer you get a huge universe full of energy like a battery fully charged but if you watch you universe develop along STS line they might eventually overtake you in effectiveness and thus become a "danger" to you and that bias shows in most material that aim to make "good subjects" instead of "good rulers".

So with that in mind I've wandered if I should become 4D STS now and attempt to strive for that outcome instead of going for STO, for me STS would be organization, politics, society, government, activity, instead of "evil" and "harmful" to me which seems like fear. In fact, responding to an attack with love seems to be the most effective response attack instead of responding to energy with like energy whereby you simply add to the persons hostility more hostility instead of trying to "win" against them by becoming loving and in essence, consuming their anger.

So long story short, I feel like STS maybe the logical choice for organic matter while STO is the logical result of responsive matter, perhaps it could be said that women become STO while men bcome STS but that seems to be a simplification in the extreme.

Could I have some thoughts on this, I feel feedback would be helpful.

You're confused my friend of what service to self is. A STS entity hurt, lie, feeds, scare and steals energy from others they have denied the ways of unconditional love so instead of giving they are taking. They are 'evil' and 'harmful' I have experienced some stuff myself I can assure you that's the way they work though I do not judge. they are the opposite of good at everything. Why do you think this world is like it is? because of negative beings. Service to others is not automatic it is by choice. In the 2nd cycle nobody polarized because nobody made any choice at all. Why do you think we're here for? not only to learn but also to give to this world love because all is One while negative beings are trying to enslave you in any possible way to restrict you and use you like a tool they don't care about you. Look how bad they wanted to hurt Carla channeling the LOO don't be ignorant of that. You're not whoever you think you are that's the ego, the personality, the bio-computer, the earth suit but that's not you. You don't know who you are. Meditate, find from whence thoughts come from then come back to me when you see yourself you will think otherwise. Our brothers and sisters of Ra couldn't speak properly because of 'Free will' but I can.

"14.15 ▶ Questioner: Going back to the start of this 75,000-year period, there was the harvesting 25,000 years after the start, which would make it 50,000 years ago, I would assume. Can you tell me how many were harvested from our planet at that time?

Ra: I am Ra. The harvest was none."
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