dowsing/channeling and detuning
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dowsing/channeling and detuning
I was just curious how many have installed a signal for when you are detuning during a session.

I only halfheartedly build this in about a year ago, rather my higher self started giving me a signal when I was letting ego/outer energies interfere and was getting detuned.

Yesterday I misinterpreted the signal, so my contact started giving me WILD answers I would know were false... I still didn't catch the message that these were SIGNALS not errors so simply stopped a bit confused because I knew I was connected to the right energy.

About an hour later I realized what was being communicated and I have now added a clearer idiot proof signal that will indicate when the energy on my side isn't quite tuned for continued accurate contact.

The Ra channeling should have maybe made me think of doing this earlier, like those in the group my source had to spoon feed me signs I was messing up.

Anyways thought I would mention it in case others haven't done this yet. If I had paid closer attention to Ra's example a few years ago I would have spared myself a decent amount of struggle/stress/confusion.
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