Some detailed information please
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(05-17-2019, 02:16 PM)kristina Wrote:  What is the most profound differences between meditation, light trance and trance? Is there anything from the Law of One that I can read in regards to the differences in these processes?
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Personally, I don't really see a difference. The difference is mainly one of depth, or intensity. Or, that is to say: how deep is the trance?

It is important to note, that scientists still aren't entirely sure what a "trance" is. But I will tell you what I think a trance is based on my personal experience.

A trance is a state of dissociation. By that I mean it is when a portion of your consciousness splits off from the main body of consciousness. It is a normal experience that occurs to free up cognitive resources. It happens whenever consciousness "loops". So whenever you think repetitive thoughts, your mind is traveling around in a loop of consciousness. At some point you becomes "used" to this loop, and you get the feeling that you can think "other thoughts" while another part of your mind is still performing this "loop". One example is: learning to ride a bike. Once you've learned to ride a bike, or drive a car, or jump rope, you can perform that activity while thinking other thoughts. It feels like the automatic part you (the subconscious self) is doing the repetitive task, while the non automatic part you (the conscious self) is thinking different thoughts.

This is a basic state of trance. The loop that generates the state of dissociation (the trance) I would call the Trance Generating Loop (TGL), and the dissociated trance state produced by that I would call the Dissociated Trance Plane (DTP). So with meditation the loop is something usually like: focusing on your breath, or focusing on muscle relaxation, or clearing your mind, or repeating a mantra, or visualizing a color. After enough repetition, you "space out". This is when the dissociation occurs.

The reason why this happens is for energy conservation reasons. It is more efficient to do this. It frees up cognitive energy.

There are various kinds of trances. For example, there are meditation trances, where the TGL is entirely within your mind. There are hypnotic trances where the TGL is outside of your mind. There are also other forms of trance that are more complex, which include multiple interlocking structures of TGL's and DTP's. Basically what determines what type of trance it is is based on where the TGL occurs, and where the DTP occurs. And also how many of each there are. And how many elements to the loops there are.

Whenever you dissociate, you may feel perfectly conscious, but you're actually not, you are in an altered state of consciousness. For example, in hypnosis, the reason you become increasingly "suggestible" is because the loop the hypnotist has you engage in disables critical judgment (that's the whole point). When this occurs, you automatically and uncritically accept the hypnotists suggestions. Whenever a cognitive loop occurs long enough to produce a significant dissociation, some cognitive abilities will becomes disabled, and others will become enabled. There is a change in energy use, mentally. For example, you may have a glazed look on your eyes, and may be staring out into space, you may feel more creative or more relaxed, or have less awareness of your surroundings, but perhaps increased internal awareness. Anesthesia may be present.

Yogis often go into self imposed meditation trances where they try to develop occult powers. This usually takes a long time to develop. First they try to introduce a TGL and corresponding DTP that disables one cognitive function, and then perhaps another one, and then another one. Slowly, over time, other more subtle, yet natural, cognitive functions are amplified with suggestion. Eventually, like letting good wine clarify they gradually crystallize an occult power like clairvoyance or other "sidhis" or powers.

It is a complex but interesting subject.

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.
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