the future of mobile technology
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RE: the future of mobile technology
(07-02-2019, 12:44 PM)cybernetic amber Wrote:  
(07-02-2019, 07:12 AM)Infinite Unity Wrote:  Well if you really look at tech,there really hasn't been any real improvement for a very long time. Yes the cars look better and get better gas milage, and is so very comfy. However a car is still a car, a flat tv is still a tv, and so on.

In my opinion a type of created Darwinism or commercialism has been put into use. The tech/devices slowly improve, with the core function remaining practically the same.

A car is still a car yes. I heard a podcast the other day where someone had suggested that tiny private helicopters is actually the future of personal travel. Wouldn't that be amazing? But still an evolution of the core idea of travel.

A flat tv is still a tv yes. I can now tell my tv with my voice to show me whatever I want. But still a tv. Smartphones are actually the evolution of the TV imo. A tiny wireless screen that shows you whatever you want with your voice. I suppose then even my wrist idea is just an evolution of the core idea....Screen.

What would be the next big thing then to break the cycle you see happening?

It's not about a specific device, or type of technology. However rather than function, and profit being the driving force or focus of the why and what were creating, peoples health, happiness, and what we truly need being the focus. Gradually we would include all life forms, as we more and more discover that we are all connected.

So to me it's not directly what we have created but the limited ways we use it, for the cause of profit, and power over others. If we were to instate our current technology in a more benevolent and total form,many thorns would be extracted from humanity's experience.
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