Harvest after death or in 3D?
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Harvest after death or in 3D?
So the Law of One says that it will occur approximately in 2011 or some time around that. Is it a physical even that is going to happen in the 3D world or does it happen after death?
"Questioner: Am I to understand that the harvest will occur in the year 2011, or will it be spread?

Ra: I am Ra. This is an approximation. We have stated we have difficulty with your time/space. This is an appropriate probable/possible time/space nexus for harvest. Those who are not in incarnation at this time will be included in the harvest."

The Cassiopeans have said that 90% of the people will survive or something around that.Here:
"Q: (T) Okay. So, when they talk about 90 per cent of the population not surviving, it is not that they are going to die, but that they are going to transform. We are going to go up a level. This is what the whole light thing is all about?

A: Or another possibility is that the physical cataclysms will occur only for those “left behind” on the remaining 3rd level density earth."

So does anyone know what its going to be like ?
They say that 90% of the population is simply going to dissapear(into the 4th density without actually dying?) and the ones left behind are going to be the "damned" ones like in the bible with the rapture thing?
Didn't everyone say that it was going to happen in 2012?
By now I've heard all kinds of opinions on this and I'm just not sure what to believe...
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