4 Myths about Meditation
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RE: 4 Myths about Meditation
(12-05-2019, 02:54 PM)KitC Wrote:  That video was pretty spot-on regarding how the tool was distorted over time. I'll digress a bit here and also say that the distortion generally happened through a combination of the usual suspects commercializing meditation, individuals not asking themselves what it is they wish to initially gain from it, and the impatience present in some individuals who try it. I don't think any particular person/thing is responsible for it as we've constructed a society that literally tries to peddle everything for a buck. And we're so bombarded with vast amounts of information in a non-stop fashion, that some think that they need to "keep up" with it all to the point that they have trouble calming their minds at will. As for the proverbial gain, a pursuit down the spiritual path versus more efficient tackling of daily activity could look very different on the front end (it all comes together down the road). Only the individual would have the answer to that question and he/she should adjust their style and type of practice accordingly. But when the question isn't even asked, a person can end up running at cross-purposes with where they actually are right now as they begin their own journey.

My meditation path was very similar to what was described in the video in that I started with no formal training, then went on to Transcendental Meditation which I still practice today. You can achieve the absence of conscious thought with various types of meditation, but it does take a level of dedication to your practice that isn't emphasized enough. And that level is a very personal thing. Some need five minutes daily, an hour twice a day, and so forth. For me, it began with the twenty minutes per day as TM recommends to just establish the habit. From there, I naturally moved myself into a longer duration and a higher level of frequency to greater benefit for my spiritual progression. Though I no longer specifically track the duration, they generally run between forty minutes to an hour for each session. I also practice a moving meditation in the from of Tai'Chi and QiGong that's generally anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes per session, depending on what I feel is needed for me spiritually and what I can physically handle at that moment.

Overall, I think the video gave really sound advice on how to avoid getting caught up in the dogma of it and doing what you feel comfortable to do in your current space.

Absolutely love this!
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