Here we are. A poem for the Law of One seeker in me, no read
11-13-2019, 02:40 AM,
Here we are. A poem for the Law of One seeker in me, no read
I cannot say what I know,
Although I love to know,
I know I love to be love
But the magnitude and quality of my love alludes me.

I strive to be better
Can I please learn to love better
I write to understand my ego
Do I forgive, accept and understand the endless chatter
I feel my love get fatter
Eager ego envelopes, let the lion go

How can I say I am really free though
Free agent of creators creation creating creation
Contagious lies fill many disguise
Time to take a step back and revise
Nonsense can be the truth if you can live a life without proof
Sense can be a lie if you feel the solidity of the illusion

7 bodies with 7 centres, what does it mean to be activatively balanced
The Law of One was fated to me
How can I ever be balanced
Questions and answers so clear and concise
That gave me the key to the magic bag
All questions bring more questions, all answers just opinion

Creeping eyes, captialist spies, I hope they see through my disguise
Light in Just a very old tree in human form sowing to be more.
A adult light child far from mild
Infinity in everyone , confusion in front ,
Got to move forward, even if there's no desired reward

Put down the sword and master the word
singin of life, love and light
Fill the dantian with light power , open the medirians let Gaia flow
draw,/feel infinity down and around.
Creator is you, creator is me.
Creator is infinity and nothing cannot not be
DMT showed me infinity , I hope you all see
I wonder how long till we see it together
Gyroscopic thoughts in a thoughts
Will I ever remember original thought?
Please point me to things to learn , I , I am ready to be learn
Long journey ahead,
I deeply love all the dead
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