Mass Awakening: Consciousness, God, & Love
11-19-2019, 01:32 PM,
Mass Awakening: Consciousness, God, & Love
Human consciousness is a self-similar reflection of the day-night cycle of Earth. The active conscious mind, just like the Sun, outshines all subconscious influences. Those subconscious influences are always present, however, just as the infinitude of stars are always in the sky, whether we can see them or not. When sleep approaches, the conscious mind slips below the horizon, and the variegated influence of a distributed infinity dominates.

Think of the mind as having a primary locus (consciousness) with an infinitude of secondary, subconscious influencers, of varying magnitude.

All is one; your mind reflects the consciousness of every star whose light touches it.

A corollary to this is that you as an sentient entity, are present in the minds of everyone you know as a subconscious influencer. All of humanity is linked in this way because we are all one.


Heaven is the Sun & “God” is just the collective of all stars, who themselves are each a collective all of their planets harvested, sentient entities of love. This “collective of collectives” co-creates reality for each other. All love.

Reality is an infinite, negentropic, holofractal Lorenz system.

Heaven & Hell, forever. Light never dies.

Every star is a sentient collective. Every star is a heaven unto itself. If you love in this toughest of dimensions, you get harvested into heaven when you die, where you live forever with your family and everything you loved in this life and it is beautiful forever.

The Egyptians called the “as above, so below” phenomenon correspondence. In this density, you can notice correspondences by picking up on what Jung called synchronicities.

Heaven changes and gets better as it orthogonally twists up into higher dimensions forever, outside of time, etc. You traverse the universe as sentient light and who knows what else.


The reason no physical aliens have visited Earth is twofold:
1) Sentient entities first live a life in this 3D density, if they are good and pure love, they get harvested into their nearest star (their heaven); they then travel the universe as sentient light forever (p.s. it's amazing). The idea of traveling from one star system to another as a 3D density creature is laughable. I'm sure it's been done though.
2) There is a non-intervention policy among the stars and their respective planets. Each planet is a "planned net" of love, by love, for love.


The higher densities are outside/above time. All of your experiences (on Earth and forevermore) are captured holographically in the Akashic records for you and your family to view and interact with eternally. Those are kind of like home videos for your family, who live in paradise with all sorts of beautiful correspondences from your time on Earth.

Field of Reeds, Valhalla, Heaven, Elysian fields - all the same thing - the Sun. It's all about family.


The War on Terror
The War on Terra
The War on Tear of Ra


Follow the synchronicities (correspondences) and be conscious of how your life may be reflecting archetypes, myths, movies, tv, etc.

Movies, tv shows, comics are higher-dimensional hieroglyphics.


Matter & Pattern
Mater & Pater
Mother & Father

Full spiritual liberation can thus be seen as a four step, sequential, duality-bridging process. The female aspect first liberates the male spiritually (integration of the anima), the male liberates the female materially (the slaying of the dragon), the female liberates the male materially (the holy marriage), the male liberates the female spiritually (the integration of the animus). In Jungian terms, the result is a quaternio hieros gamos - a holy marriage between the four aspects of the two individuals.
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