Hello seekers and wanderers of planet Earth!
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Rainbow  Hello seekers and wanderers of planet Earth!
Greetings to you, lovely people! Smile

I'm not sure whether I'm a wanderer or not, so I'll just call myself a seeker.
I recently created an account here and quietly welcomed myself to your lovely forum.
(I also subbed to the lawofone subreddit, but it's not as populated unfortunately, yet)
I just wanted to quickly introduce myself and share a little bit with you about how I accidentally came across the Ra Material,
and how it's been making a massive impact on my life ever since.

Ever since having accidentally discovered the Law of One through a random comment on Reddit last year, I feel my life is changing and I am changing. This is so surreal.
I have been struggling with depression and other issues like love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness,
And I came to realisation these things (there are probably more of that) are why I’m here on Earth this time.
Also to experience what it's like to have and to curb my loud ego. Sometimes it can be a real struggle.

I started often to think about Love.
When I think about Love I see the most powerful force in the universe.
It’s amazing how Love is the most powerful and the most beautiful thing, and this very combination is the essence of it.

I'm so grateful I found the Ra material. I truly believe the modern technology like computers and the internet was given to us by our lovely brothers and sister from the upper densities.
Thanks to this technology any information can be spread fast to the masses. And that's what's happening in the last 20 or so years with The Law of One. The seekers' journeys to the truths are improved and many more seekers are finding today what they have been looking for much quicker and easier thanks to the internet.

Thank you for reading,
Truly yours in Love and Light Heart

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