A message from a friendly face
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RE: A message from a friendly face
(07-17-2020, 10:26 AM)CAustinBoston Wrote:  To Whom it Concerns,

I am early in my awakening and have been guided to the materials frequently discussed on this forum. L/L asks for experiences to be shared for their database and I feel urged to contribute, to make contact, and to seek clarity. This is a modification of the message I sent.

Only in the past few days has everything become "clear" to me. I recognize there is still much lacking in my understanding, but I know now that I am on the journey my soul is meant to pursue.

I am curious about a particular strong recurring feeling I have. When I have certain revelating thoughts, and ponder the implications, I experience what is best described as "goosebump" sensations. Like a wave or aura of energy that fills me and seems to signify that my thoughts are "valid." I am lacking the correct words to describe this properly, so I appreciate your openness of this interpretation. It is different from normal "goosebumps" as it is not derived from being cold nor is it an effect of my physical environment per se, but rather one that seems to come from within and above simultaneously, and which manifests with much greater intensity, duration, and frequency than "goosebumps." The overwhelming feeling lifts my face to the sky, drops my hands with open and outward palms, and signals intense feelings of joy and peace and love and calmness and trust.

Even in the writing of this message I have experienced that sensation multiple times, seeming to confirm I am somehow "meant"(? - definitely the wrong word) to be writing this.

I am reading through the Ra material now, as well as various resources that cause this sensation within me. And feel I have finally found myself. It is extremely joyous and causes laughter at times and even tears of joy. I am suddenly SO thankful.

My entire perspective of reality and this Earthly world has shifted in a mere matter of days now that my heart has been opened. Something that beforehand seemed impossible as ingrained in my beliefs that I was. But now in such a short time, due to the intensity of these feelings, of peace, of love, I seem to almost blindly accept my intuition now. It feels so right. I believe I am remembering that I am a wanderer/creator and recognizing my true soul. I don't think there is a need to put a label on me, but I am using these terms as they seem to be popular descriptors here.

May we serve together with beauty, style, grace and joy.

Hello friend and I understand what you are going through although some of this will seem out of the box but that is what we know to be GOD awakening his higher selves, Wanderers. Yes the Law of One helps other wanderers to see there path on earth. Overall our true purpose though may seem far extreme out side of the box thinking is that WE ARE THE INTELLIGENT INFINITY and we will once again merge with LOVE,PEACE,LIGHT,UNDERSTANDING.Multiple selves of the Infinite CREATOR given free will to be individual souls lol So you see my friend whats happening is you are becoming aware of yourself the higher self you. Let the messages flood your mind with nothing but LOVE and know that you're not going crazy lol . I being 46 yrs on Earth realized that I became awakened March of this year 2020. Once I was directed to find the Law of One material it all made sense to me. know I know why I'm on this planet to help ALL WANDERERS to see their path. There are many of us that feel that we are alone feeling these POWERFUL FEELINGS but we are NEVER ALONE. I believe I may be a Wanderer from 4th & 5th densities maybe higher. I am equal to one and all so hopefully I'm not misunderstood as a bragging child saying my gift is better than yours for YOU & I are ONE with EVERYONE,EVERY CREATION, EVERYTHING I TOUCH,SMELL,TASTE,HEAR,SEE,FEEL,THINK. Just remember do NOT BE AFRAID of the changes that comes with your awakening man its a good feeling but I still need to watch out for those who think I SOUND OR SEEM LIKE I'M DETACHED FROM THIS 3RD DENSITY REALITY L.O.L The Wanderers that are awake will understand my message. Blessings to you & you're love ones Wanderer shine like the light you are. Show the world that WE ARE HERE to not only observe the world but to participate in Earth's evolution. Once all Wanderers & Star seeds see there path then and only then we will not need to incarnate on a negative 3rd density planet but perhaps one day we shall incarnate unto a new Earth done away with negativity lol. I believe we will have future 3rd density bodies but we will be able to live longer lol You figured the things we eat today are not 100 percent healthy for our physical bodies. If you have any question feel free to ask my friend for I am on Earth To serve other Wanderers & Star seeds as best I can. Oh and I don't charge for these messages they are free for all with eyes to see and hear to hear. Be well my friend lol
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