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12-30-2020, 07:00 AM,
RE: A Watcher's Post
Thank you for sharing Daze, that was a truly inspiring read Smile The detail that jumped out at me most is when you described ‘traveling through a tunnel and then floating among what I describe as a purple nebula without stars’; whenever I meditate (which is nowhere near as much as I’d like to!) I experience the exact same thing- a tunnel of colours appears in my mind and then I pass through until all I can see is purple nebulae. I always thought they looked like a web of neural connections before, the sort you see in certain brain scans, but when I read your description I felt the nebulae was much more fitting! Sometimes within the purple web I see pyramids made of rainbow colours and for a long time I was seeing an Aztec type symbol which was lit up in neon light (after I searched for it on google it turned out to be the Aztec Sun Stone!). Interested to know if you or anyone else has seen this?! Also, does anyone get chills/tingles down their back and through their body whenever they think of anything remotely spiritual or ringing in the ears?

Thanks again for sharing!
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