Dreams, Synchronicities, and Art Led me Here
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RE: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Art Led me Here
We Are Infinity, welcome to the forum. The work of Carl Jung certainly clarifies some aspects of the Law of One, but it is also useful to look at the work of his students. For example, here is a quote from Maria Luisa von Franz, I think this quote may hint at your avatar.... "To make your anima conscious is to love your partner for its sake and for love's sake. "If I follow my love, my love will be fulfilled." "A man's love can only become a Beatrice, a bridge leading to transformation, if he can follow his life without any selfish goals." "And I thoughtfully followed the path of love...", as Dante put it. But in the beginning, it is the anima that ignites man's ambition. It entangles him with guilt and judgment, and eventually leads him into a state of loneliness and obsession if he is not aware of his hunger for power." If it is not possible to understand the subtleties of analytical psychology, it is better to work with a very experienced Jungian psychologist. Other areas of psychotherapy were less immersed in the wisdom of mystical and schizophrenic thought. I apologize for my English and for bringing up a difficult topic to discuss (which needs to be worked on in therapy) on the forum.
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