Dreams, Synchronicities, and Art Led me Here
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RE: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Art Led me Here
Vasilisa, I can definitely relate to that obsession with the Anima you mentioned. It can be used as a propellant toward Truth or it can just lead you into a downward spiral of hallucination.

I'm blessed that my therapist understands enough of Carl Jung to know what I mean when I talk about the "Deep Mind" or "Collective Unconscious." We talked last time about how "The Law of One" says that the purpose of this plane of existence is to make a true choice between Service to Others or Service to Self. I commented that it's very much like a social experiment. Lots of care is taken to make sure that the test participants don't know their behavior is being recorded. My therapist then said, "I wonder if this plane of existence is a double blind social experiment. To see what we do now that we know what the rules are."

Aion, yes I did create all the art that you see here including the infographic. I used the free program, "yEd."

I was thinking about making another thread where others can use yEd to make and share more infographics. Making graphs like that really helped me to understand "The Law of One" better.
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