Dreams, Synchronicities, and Art Led me Here
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RE: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Art Led me Here
(11-16-2020, 05:05 PM)We Are Infinity Wrote:  [Image: A9rAFr0.jpg]

Thank you for sharing us your experience.
I'm intrigued by the diagram above, did you draw it yourself?

I have some 'comments' especially on the "Racial Mind" and "Planetary Mind".

Race is such an ambiguous and more often 'politically' driven word.

Based on my own personal experience, it seems my other 'self' / avatar consist of multiple 'races' (and also gender).
So far I'm 'aware' of my other 'self' as Caucasian Catholic Nunn, Pacific Islander muscular man, Male Chinese Merchant, Female Blond Haired Caucasian Girl.

And there's also other 'self' which is hard to describe, as there's no reference about their shape on earth, 'out of planet' being might be a proper word.
As time progress, I still continue to 'meet' and 'experience' my other self.. always excited to 'meet' someone (or something) new.

It seems I'm not alone on this, an author and youtuber named Jurgen Ziewe also experienced meeting his 'across races of other 'self'.
Currently a Caucasian male, so far he has met, among many others, a Male chinese monk
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