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some things stood out to me that i can share some info on if you're interested :) it's so interesting you described a glowing bluish sphere because corey goode talked about those a lot in the show cosmic disclosure. he would have them appear in his room and when he'd step inside them, they would transport him far away to go on missions and stuff. he also said they're higher dimensional beings and can change their size and be as big as planets or even bigger. they're benevolent and helping humanity during our ascension. maybe that's why you felt calm seeing them, but i don't know if it's the same type of being you saw. i'll link an image depicting it at the bottom of this post. this site has a brief description of what they're about, but i couldn't find him talking about the orb/sphere beings specifically with the quick search i did:

when you talked about closing your eyes and were floating through stars, it sounds like you were astral projecting. i would look into that if you want to learn more, there's tons of articles and videos about it. ryan cropper on youtube has some good content about it. what you're doing actually sounds super advanced! it's like you already have that ability unlocked (most people have to learn/develop these things), but i totally understand being overwhelmed and wanting to learn about it first before exploring it, that's smart. you could also look into the topic of opening your third eye because it sounds like yours may be open with how you had that experience. not a bad thing at all, but you do want to know what you're doing with it.

about negative entities, check out this post (i link 2 videos that are about clearing negative entities, and the whole thread is about that topic as well):

i saw you mentioned arcturians in a reply, that's very cool! from what i've learned they're awesome! here is a really cool illustration of an arcturian:
and here's an article with a summary about them: the site mentions edgar cayce who would go into a trance/dreamlike state and channel information which is where some of the info in that article comes from. here are a few more channeled arcturian illustrations with interesting captions too:

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