Life emerging on Uranus and Neptune
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Life emerging on Uranus and Neptune
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If you have a serious interest in developing the IUP/AOP and producing a philosophical treatise and curriculum for mainstream university study send an email. Elaborate on what your goals are and what specific interests you may have related to this project.

How did life emerge on Venus, Maldek, Mars and Terra? How did life emerge on all those planets that eventually became ET's of the Confederation and Orion?

That's one of those perennial questions that captures the imagination and gives a sense of purpose and connection to the Universe. As the Ra group says "the Universe is alive and is one Being".

What a great statement and the development of this proposition should be pursued in a way that attracts the "common person" who isn't interested in new age disinfo and drama. That's one reason for developing this topic of emergence of life on planets -- it's of interest to popular culture and can be a bridge to quality new age info ie the IUP/AOP and the Ra group's LOO.

So on to the topic.

Since every planet is different -- different solar and planetary logoi -- this question is too vast to answer in detail. But with the help of the 4D physics and Reciprocal System thread and of knowledge of our Solar Logos there might be some way to explore the physics and metaphysics of Uranus and Neptune and to speculate on how they may evolve through 1D into 2D and further.

Another incentive to explore this topic is that our future 4D Terran society may become teachers and guides to the 3D societies of those planets just as the Venus 6D society was for 3D Terra. Attuning to those planets during our 4D transition and into full 4D is one way to develop 4D faculties and do STO work in our solar system neighborhood.

We'll be plenty busy here on Terra forming a stable SMC -- I know this, but there's always a subgroup of explorers who want to reach out to other planetary societies especially within our solar system.
Assuming the Ra group is correct, they are quite optimistic about the evolution of Uranus, and so I also include Neptune because it is like a twin of Uranus and it may be capable of evolving to 2D. But it may be the case that Neptune is limited in some way and cannot progress further through 2D to 3D.  

For now this thread will focus on their physical and metaphysical potential to evolve through 1D into 2D with speculation about 3D and beyond.

The Ra group refers to Uranus in this excerpt.

session 30

Quote:Questioner: Can you give me a brief history of the metaphysical principles of the development of each of our planets that surround our sun, their function with respect to the evolution of beings?

Ra: We shall give you a metaphysical description only of those planets upon which individual mind/body/spirit complexes have been, are, or shall be experienced. You may understand the other spheres to be a part of the Logos.

The planetary entity known to you as Uranus is slowly moving through the first density and has the potential of moving through all densities.

When I think of Uranus moving through all densities I think of those ET water beings in the movie Abyss. Possible similar beings might evolve on Uranus and Neptune because these planets are basically water worlds.

A popular theory is that life emerged from our oceans by way of a primordial soup of minerals, enzymes and simple proteins. There was thermal and electrical conductivity and magnetic field effects that created stimulating and non-equilibrium conditions that Nobel chemist Iyla Prigogine identified as conditions to form proto-cellular membrane structures.

This may be a precursor to what is called abiogenesis -- a hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter.

We can expand on that definition and speak in terms of the planetary 1D elements and elemental inner and outer plane dynamics that seek to create the 2D template for emergence of 2D bioforms.

In IUP/AOP terms the Mythos-Topos-Logos complex of our planet and the Sun was in place for bringing forth 2D life during the right physical and metaphysical conditions.

It is my take that an MTL complex, which is the basis for an MBS complex, consists of the following.

Mythos -- characterization and plot, story, narrative, tale -- the will-motivated notions of concepts, ideas and activities to fulfill the Logoic theme -- the universal Gaiam nature of stars and planets using archetypes ie astrological, alchemical, tarotal, hexagramal (I Ching), artistic, poetic -- the general mind nature

Topos -- characterization and setting -- the light-motivated notions of structures, forms and processes of transformation to express Mythoic plot and fulfill Logoic theme -- the meta-mathematical and physical/transphysical Reciprocal System -- the general body nature

Logos -- characterization and theme -- the love-motivated notions of involution and evolution and returning to Source -- pathways and mappings that guide the Mythos and Topos -- the general spirit nature

Using this MTL complex model with emphasis of astrological, alchemical, and 4D physics and the Reciprocal System will perhaps allow for a thesis about the evolution of Uranus and Neptune through 1D into 2D.

If anyone has strong intuitions about Uranus and Neptune please share your thoughts. For me, similar to the Terra-Gaia attunement, I try to feel an attunement and embodiment with Uranus-Gaia and Neptune-Gaia with the hope of their 2D, 3D and eventual +4D evolution.

To set the stage in the next post I'll touch on some astrophysical and astrological qualities of each planet that provides material for developing an MTL complex model for each.
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RE: Life emerging on Uranus and Neptune
Quote:The planetary entity known to you as Uranus is slowly moving through the first density and has the potential of moving through all densities.

The Ra group estimated that Earth had a 1D of 2 billion years and a 2D of 4.6 billion years which is a total of 6.6 billion years. That should mean that the other planets in our solar system have existed for at least 6.6 billion years.

Venus, Mars, Maldek and Earth are the so-called small rocky planets that moved through 1D, 2D and 3D. Their surface is a mix of land, water and breathable atmosphere which was conducive to generating humanoid life.

Uranus and Neptune are the so-called ice giant planets and/or water worlds that have been slowly moving through 1D for the past 6.6 billion years. Their surface is an extremely cold mix of gases and condensed clouds of helium, hydrogen and methane which is not conducive to generating life.

During 1D there is a physical process of both integration and differentiation to create various layers within these planets based on composition, density, pressure and temperature. If these planets are at an advanced enough stage such as 1.5D then, hypothetically speaking, there is the start of the formation of a temperate water layer.

The potential for generating life lies in this temperate layer, in a layer beneath the surface where the temperature and pressure increases to provide for liquid water, ammonia (NH3) and hydrocarbons and a mix of dissolved minerals. This is potentially a vast layer that is up to 12x the surface area of our Earth and 10 to 100 kilometers deep depending on latitude. (the polar region to the equator respectively)

Below this temperate layer the pressure increases to form a layer of hot dense water-ammonia of high electrical conductivity. At certain depths within this layer are sub-layers of ionic water where the water molecules break down into ions of hydrogen and oxygen.

At further depths and higher pressures are sub-layers of superionic water in which the oxygen crystallizes while the hydrogen ions float around freely within the oxygen lattice. There is also superionic methane (CH4) which decomposes into crystallized carbon or diamond while the hydrogen ions go free.

These crystallizations grow to become ice chunks or ice bergs and so this process is an 'icing effect' under high pressures whereby the water and methane produce ices in a very unconventional way and which results in characterizing Uranus and Neptune as ice giants.

Some of these ice chunks or ice bergs may have internal cracking and expansion during crystallization which makes them less dense and able to float upwards into the temperate layer where they can act as substrata and catalysts for chemical reactions and organic synthesis.

So, hypothetically speaking, the cooler and less dense temperate layer receives the electrical and thermal energy from the layers below and also receives a steady glow of light from the constant excitation and transfer of electrons. Each planet's magnetic field has polarizing effects that stimulate molecular bonding between minerals and hydrocarbons in the ever-present aqueous solution and substrata.

From this bonding process there should be a variety of organics with viscous and fibrous properties similar to gelatin, cartilage and glass-like optical fibers. These are the raw materials to forming single-cell microbes and cellular tissues with unique electromagnetic and photonic properties that evolve into various exotic species of translucent and glowing jellyfish, eels, and seahorses etc.

Eventually, one or more of these species evolve into 3D translucent merman and mermaid life forms who make habitats within the ice bergs and interconnect through their psionically sensitive electromagnetic nervous systems and the electrolytic liquid environment. This relative ease of connecting along with abundance of natural resources leads to generally peaceful and prosperous societies.

Astrologically, this is characteristic of the psychic, mystic and utopian nature of Uranus and Neptune and their zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces.

As water beings in this favorable environment they then evolve to +4D and become like the ETs in the movie Abyss who live free of strife and conflict and therefore are somewhat naive about evil and violence.

That's one optimistic scenario that may be a characteristic of evolution on water worlds which is reflective of the relative peaceful cetacia on Earth.

So, again to restate, Uranus and Neptune are planetary MTL complexes that are still slowly gaining 1D experience and evolving until their unique MTL conditions for 2D can take hold. After 6.6 billion years they may now be at 1.5D and ready for the projective subdensity of 1.6D whose mythos is to seek collective intelligence and nourishment from the environment -- advanced levels of crystallization and growth in the newly formed temperate layer.

When these 1D forms reach 1.7D they will internalize and integrate all of 1D and feel the calling of the planet's mythoic and logoic desire to reach 2D. This calling will be felt at the inner plane level where temporal awareness in time/space stimulates further complexity of electromagnetic and photonic structures of proto-cellular forms.

With the emergence of the new temperate layer Uranus and Neptune have reached a tipping point and so within the next 1000 years proto-cells will readily evolve to bio-cells and cell tissues. This marks the new 2D and the exuberant seeking of light and growth in this nutrient and energy rich environment.

This post was mainly topos related and hopefully the next post will explore in more detail the 1D mythos and logos through the planetary stages of 1D: 1.1 -- 1.2 -- 1.3 -- 1.4 -- 1.5 -- 1.6 -- 1.7 -- 1.8/2.1.

The goal will be to determine how the general process of 1D planet evolution can be derived from the IUP/AOP and MTL complex model of water worlds.
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RE: Life emerging on Uranus and Neptune
Material in this thread and others are all a work in progress and will be continually critiqued and revised and Indigo33 and Kaaron, thanks for the likes.

Quote:This post was mainly topos related and hopefully the next post will explore in more detail the 1D mythos and logos through the planetary stages of 1D: 1.1 -- 1.2 -- 1.3 -- 1.4 -- 1.5 -- 1.6 -- 1.7 -- 1.8/2.1.

Since the 1D mythos and logos of planets is based on the previous octave I'll need to go into some detail of the mythos and logos of that particular octave to provide a basis for 1D.

Check the three-fold octave idea in post #1 of What is Ra's Monism?

The mythos and logos of the previous octave, the Cardinal Octave, is based on the Original Impulse -- (1) the Creator desires to know Itself and (2) to know Itself in an infinite variety of ways -- where (1) is inner directed and determined and (2) is outer directed and indetermined (to some degree). 

According to the Ra group, the end result of the previous Cardinal Octave is the mover/moved dynamic of causation. This causation is the basis of deterministic physical and metaphysical laws for our relatively stable or Fixed Octave beginning with our 1st density. The IUP/AOP applies logic, reason and holistic contemplation to derive these laws.

Since these are octaves they then overlap as octaves do, which means that there is actually an overlap or intersection of the 8th density of the Cardinal Octave and the 1st density of our Fixed Octave.

The 8th density of the Cardinal Octave is outward/outgoing and the 1st density of our Fixed Octave is inward/incoming and so their intersection represents the Reciprocal System description of both outward and inward scalar motion and thus both the outward progression of the natural reference system and inward progression of gravity.

Now back to the mythos and logos...

The Original Impulse to know the primal questions "Who am I? Why do I exist? Why am I here?" impels the need for answers and the Original Thought of determinism -- "I need to determine who I am, why I exist and why I am here." 

This need to determine is the original expression of Love that inspires and propels towards experience. Einstein called this inspiration "holy curiosity".

The Original Thought impels and propels the Original Experience of causation -- "I need to be and become, to experience causation and be both the cause and the effect in a causal chain of being and becoming." This causation manifests as vibration or Light. The so-called Light of Wisdom is knowledge of causation.

So, from this, a variety of bipolar dynamics are derived starting with the dynamic of being impelled to know and question & being propelled to determine and answer which, in short, translates to "inner impulsion/outer propulsion" or "inner will/outer love". There is the IU/UI or AO/OA dynamic involved here.

The infinite ways to know self translates to an infinite variety of questions and answers and, in turn, the initial determined will to know Self is now impelled to be free via infinity (UI or OA or Intelligent Unity in post #1 of What is Ra's Monism?) and to express a cosmological free will and free determinism which have their own specific philosophical definitions.

So the general list of bipolar dynamics are:

inner impulsion/outer propulsion
inward unified will/determinism or deterministic will/love
outward infinified will/determinism or free will/love
free will/love translates to being/becoming or mover/moved
mover/moved is causation or vibration or light

The mythoic and logoic aspects initiated in the Cardinal Octave are, respectively, the seeking to know (mind) and feeling inspiration to guide the seeking (spirit). They both involve the three-fold nature of Original Impulse, Original Thought and Original Experience.

Other thoughts towards 1D planetary evolution are:

Stages 1.1 -- 1.2 -- 1.3: 

That there is possibly a broader cosmic matrix/potentiator or mother/father mythos due to the unity/infinity or impulsion/propulsion dynamic which allows the contracting/expanding nature of gravity and the outward progression to start the differentiation process. Proto-solar and proto-planetary bodies form.

That there is the male/female mythos due to the mover/moved dynamic which initiates the alchemistry of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The mythoic and logoic framework is slowly conceptualizing a future template of experience and involution/evolution towards crystallizing the planet's identity.

Stages 1.3 -- 1.4 -- 1.5

That there is a catalyst/experience mythos due to free will/love and particularly causation, whereby negative causation or karma requires positive causation or acts of redemption and forgiveness to reach balance at a higher level. In 1D it is a more mundane cycle of catalytic imbalance and experiential balance or where non-equilibrium states catalyze the experience to seek higher equilibrium states of higher organization and function.

Stages 1.5 -- 1.6 -- 1.7 -- 1.8/2.1D

That there is a significator/identity mythos of Intelligent Unity or UI or OA in combination with all the previous stages and their dynamics taking place at a higher order of complexity or higher level of awareness. Identity needs self-reference and self-creation as well as other-reference and other-creation -- the mirroring process -- which induces inner/outer focus (IF/OF) and inner/outer care and concern for existing and subsisting. (ICC/OCC)

At 1.8/2.1D is the transition from a potentiated inner/outer care and concern (ICC/OCC) to an actualized care and concern for self/other. (CCS/CCO)

The 2D experience is an ever-evolving CCS/CCO where the characteristics of function, sacrifice and beauty are perceived to induce the higher 3D awareness of STS/STO. This comes from a Quo session btw.

So to sum up, the intersection of the Cardinal 8th density and Fixed 1st density plays an essential role to determine the how the 1D substages unfold. The mythos and logos aspects of a planet take root from the dynamics derived from the Original Impulse, Original Thought and Original Experience. 

Impulse, thought and experience are natural mythoic and logoic processes that show that the Universe is alive and is one Being.

Quote:The goal will be to determine how the general process of 1D planet evolution can be derived from the IUP/AOP and MTL complex model of water worlds.

There's obviously more to the 1D stages but will try next time to develop them with respect to the nature of water worlds ie Uranus and Neptune.

I might also try to do a hypothetical MTL complex overview of the planet Maldek -- how it evolved through 1D, 2D and 3D -- and how it could overcome its own gravity and physically blow up like a super nova star and leave a debris field as the asteroid belt.
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RE: Life emerging on Uranus and Neptune
The 1D water worlds evaluation will be postponed to another time so to focus on the overall MTL complex theory of Maldek. This is purely theoretical and open to revision.

The mystery of Maldek. How did it explode?

Approximately 2 billion human-like beings emerged and evolved on Maldek. They were indigenous inhabitants of the planet and survived while the planet did not survive. 

According to the Ra group, the planet didn't just revert back to an uninhabitable 1D condition, but actually blew up like when a star blows up and goes nova. 

How can a relatively cool and gravitationally stable planet blow up with such force that it overcomes it's own center of gravity and expels its debris through out the solar system? Was this the cause of the geological and solar system period of what is called the Later Bombardment of asteroids hitting our moon and planet? 

The asteroid belt seems to also be evidence of Maldek's presence with its orbit between Mars and Jupiter. But the total mass of the asteroid belt is less than the mass of our moon -- a moon which is only 1/81 of our Earth's mass. 

So the asteroid belt indicates only a tiny amount of Maldek's remaining mass, which is evidence that most of its mass was expelled and caused the Later Bombardment period.

Another question is this. Star novas are also known to leave a dense core of ultra-speed material as a remnant of its explosion, and yet Maldek did not leave such a core remnant. It could be the case that this core was formed but the explosive forces diverted into an unstable orbit that either sent it spiraling inward into the Sun or perhaps spiraling outward into Jupiter.

Perhaps the Great Red Spot of Jupiter is the lasting effect of Maldek's core plunging into it -- causing a permanent "sore spot" or low pressure, inward spiraling vortex that persists due to opposite flowing cloud bands.

Or, less dramatically and interesting, it could also be the case that the core remnant avoided Jupiter and the other planets and spiraled outward beyond Pluto and past the Kuiper Belt into the Oort Cloud region, which is half a light year away. 

The RS2 physics of ultraspeed matter is somewhat antigravitational and may be biased toward outward motion effects. If the case, then the last two scenarios of plunging into Jupiter or the Oort Cloud seem more probable than an inward spiral into the Sun. This is a murky conjecture which Confederation sources could clear up.

Back to the original story of Maldek.

Approximately 2 billion human-like beings emerged and evolved from the planet of Maldek

Using the following identities:
MTL complex is Mythos-Topos-Logos complex
MBS complex is Mind-Body-Spirit complex

Out of the planetary MTL complex of Maldek emerged various flora and fauna to then evolve 2 billion sub-MTL complexes, or MBS complexes. 

Maldek was eventually saturated with negative AO polarization and vibrations of destabilizing disvariation or distortion from this 2 billion population and from the stressed biolife. 

Negative polarization is based on the injective or inward attracting AO which causes an absorption effect.

This negative AO polarization doesn't necessarily destabilize, but when combined with a conflicting confusion of loving and hateful thoughts, feelings and actions of a large enough population, it amplifies the Law of Squares effect towards more  inner conflict and intense negative confusion. It also increases the rate and efficacy of absorption of this unstable vibational confusion into the core and mantle.

Recall from the Ra Material how, to a lesser extent, our Earth absorbs and retains the heat of negative human behavior which, when released, leads to crustal activity and global warming. 

Maldek parameters

Maldek was probably slightly smaller in size to Mars in terms of radius and volume. But it had a much larger iron-nickel core, so therefore it was much more massive than Mars and had a strong EM field with a surface gravity that was perhaps 1.3 times greater than that of our Earth. In other words, if you weighed 100 lbs on Earth you would weigh 130 lbs on Maldek.

So even though farther away from the Sun, with its strong EM field and gravity, Maldek could then maintain an extra dense, greenhouse gas atmosphere to absorb the less intense solar radiation and provide warm enough temperatures for life. It's 1D topos condition fulfilled the need for 2D and later 3D.

The abnormally large inner core will end up being Maldek's bane because it's like a sponge for negative and unstable vibrations which causes it to become potentially explosive. 

In RS2 terms the core is made unstable to where it can absorb neutrinos and become unnaturally ionized at the nuclear level. This nuclear ionization is at an isotopic and destructive limit level, which is similar to the condition of stars before going nova.

So, in general, it's probably not good for negatively polarized planets to have abnormally large inner cores. Our Earth and Mars have small enough cores to not "go nuclear" even though Mars supposedly had nuclear blasts at the surface to destabilize their atmosphere and cause some kind of dissipation effect.

Maldek was also known to have nuclear blasts at the surface which again amplifies the negative Law of Squares effect and infuses the core with unstable conflicting vibration. The topoic and mythoic inner planes are distressed and also feed into the negative Law of Squares effect. 

It's a perfect storm scenario with an increasing negative feedback loop which continually loops into a knot of negative emotion and doom and gloom.

So to finish up, the core reaches its destructive limit and explodes and has the same effect as told in the movie Armageddon when the scientist compared a firecracker going off in an open hand vs in a closed hand. An open hand is just a burn while a closed hand blows off your fingers. That's why they had to drill a hole into the asteroid. 

Besides that explosive effect the exploding core material is also antigravitational and transfers these properties to much of the mantle and crustal material -- its a sort of chain reaction effect in that other materials become quickly ionized and isotopically unstable, and in turn, explode and repel from the center of gravity of the original planet.

This post was mostly focused on topos-related effects since that's simpler to describe than the mythoic and logoic conditions of the biolife and people. 

The planet Maldek is analogous to a physically small but extremely stubborn and tough person who beat the odds of surviving in a rough environment. This person is intense and proud and has a chip on his shoulders which speaks to a deep level of insecurity in the sense that he feels unsafe and fearful of failure to survive. This fear to survive induces exteme egocentric "All is I" and "I only look out for me" attitiudes.

Maybe think of the Hunger Games scenario of conflicted contestants who feel the weak/powerful dynamic and become destructive both to other and to self. There perhaps becomes a knot of negative emotion that is suicidal.

Has anyone here met a descendent of Maldek? Maybe some here are descendents and are working on their inner conflicts. The Bigfoot phase was just for redemption of karma -- there's still the psychological mythos-logos healing to work through.

I didn't cover in detail how Maldek evolved through 1D, 2D and 3D and didn't give a complete MTL complex overview. But may finish in the next post or may just leave it alone and go on to the water world MTL complex overview that is directly related to Neptune and Uranus and to topic of this thread.
To seek and grow is to research and develop.
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