A Transcendental Witness' 'State of the Now' Address
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A Transcendental Witness' 'State of the Now' Address
It's not been easy for duality to reconcile in the name of unity for quite some time - well, at least in our perception. We have forgotten about where they came from - the unconditionally loving and illuminating matrix of Source energy.

The process of ascension is not going to be a competition between what's good and what's evil.
This is going to be an intervention just to fix our general quality of life that has been rotting with unfulfilled, decaying positive karma we owed to ourselves and to this worldly experience. This time the game is out in the open for everyone to see who they really are in the direst times of fear harvesting and ignorance breeding.

It's about fast forwarding the journey to our true potential and it may knock a few ego roadblocks mercilessly along the way. I shouldn't call it mercilessly either. It's merciful and blissful and purifying...like unconditional love. The love that is the creator of duality - the sentient source singularity where black holes chill to knit luminously lovely sweaters made of dust and gold to warm our souls in life and in death. In life and beyond.

Remember, everything that ever was or ever will be will never be what today already is. Embrace the moment, abandon expectations, and follow your intuition. You are the messenger and the Spirit. Be the change you seek.
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