Giving Thanks
10-07-2015, 08:25 AM,
Giving Thanks
I am going to offer some words to this community now.

Bring4th Overlords, please feel free to edit or delete this post for it is infringing upon at least one of the Guidelines, if you see fit.

October is my favorite month, imbued by experience, a sort of enjoyment of the darkness and spookiness it brings.  The cool winds, living in Arizona the rain finally comes for a bit and the hot days become to wane, sometimes slowly, but always surely so far.  The October breeze rolls in and reality gets a bit dreary in an optimistic way, as if to say things become lousy with relief from the heat disappearing.  A sort of collective feeling in the air.

As such things in my suburban area lighten up and so does my mood.  Since I'm in such a good mood now and then since October began, I've thought about this place somewhat, and my interactions with some members and how they have effected me.  I figure I would give a personal thank you, to try and remain in partial tradition of something I started last year in Thanksgiving...Is it annual?  -clears throat-

The Annual Giving Thanks Message

Just, a month early.  (Consider this honest private-public practice)

Dear Bring4th Administrators; specifically those who I think will read this, Gary, Austin, Steven.  And also the resident Overseer, Plenum.

I have said some unruly things to all of you in one way, shape, form or fashion.  I think I will dwell on these things for a moment in order to give perspective of how I feel reflecting on such things.  I was a jerk-canoe.  You could say, unwise, nonempathetic, judgmental, emotionally charged, apathetic.  A real jerk-canoe for lack of more appropriate/inappropriate words.

I figure the first subjects of my giving thanks should be you all.  Garry, or Plenum, initially pointed me towards a very helpful book, Hands of Light when I initially arrived here.  He even gave me a healing that pathed a clear way for me to survive some of the hardest experiences I had mentally, providing me a foundation to continue on that had I not received, I don't know if I'd be here.  I owe you a solid thank you.  I hope to shake your hand one day Heart
I provided unjust words to you.  You have offered silent understanding and acceptance, a type of unconditional love shared and given by the Overlords in this place that I mistook originally as indifference.  I am sure I might have hurt you, and I apologize.  I'm sorry for my words, and I thank you for being here and part of my life even in a remote sense.  Your words are helpful, I've learned many things from you quietly as you offer your wisdom.

The same applies to specifically Gary and Austin Overlord wise.  I wish I could understand the level of acceptance each of you have cultivated in handling another.  The generosity and patience.  I don't know any of you at all, and have had very little interaction, but I see hard work and much consideration in the things said and done.  I take back my words from the survey.  It's not indifference, it's patience.  I'm just impatient, and I'm sorry for taking my problems out on you guys. Thank you for all you've done and given even in silence.

Then there's the members of the forums.  Some of them I want to thank aren't here anymore.  So I hope they are doing well elsewhere and kind of hope they come back.

I think I'll start with Isis, thank you.  I know you probably won't like me talking about you, if it's a problem please pm me and I'll edit this part out.  But you initially showed me that sometimes we need to deal with things regardless and actually do what we say.  You were kind enough to be honest even if blunt to me in some fashions that could be called mean, but I think is closer to fair.  Fair game, thank you.

Minyatur and Aion,  My fellow Angel's and contemplaters!  Alongside Anagogy and Gemini the combined gem's of wisdom, insight, intuition, understanding, and depth you all have provided to me is profoundly enough to keep me coming back looking forward to seeing what you've all said.  There's a few others I want to mention but I'm failing at recalling their names...  (plus I don't want to anger everyone by mentioning them specifically :p )

I noticed that basically everyone who is active currently and lately have provided positive insight and feedback.  Even in cases of clashing of opinions, there are many times where understanding still ensues and acceptance and reconciliation occurs.  It's nice to see, when another apologizes and accepts another's perception.  It's nice to see when another also defends their belief.  Everyone provides a colorful addition to the white display that is this forum.

Especially the above mentioned fellows, as well as many others. I do specifically want to also thank Diana and Jade for their kindness and honesty towards me.  Especially both of them for their forgiveness of my actions, or at least silent allowance of such, offering to me much needed considerations that have helped me out immensely in understanding forgiveness of others.  I have said mean things to Jade, much so publicly even and she met me directly with openness leading into consideration.  Diana too opposed my brash and cruelty several times, and yet offers kindness to me elsewhere.  Both are amazing and along with the above mentioned fellers, all of you, thank you for being here, you've all offered such catalyst as to help make me into someone I think is better than I used to be.  You've all offered yourselves in services both conscious and unintentionally that brought about positivity in my life in some form of understanding and distillation.

Then there's Monica, you too, I think you might be surprised to see me thanking you, but I do need to include you even if we butt heads.  I'm glad to have clashed with you, it was a brilliant and valiant learning experience where I discovered that I AM NOT ALONE!  It was the most kindest moment of understanding when I realized why you are so serious about your message.  Reminding me of myself in a different light.  Only Monica, simply put, you are strong.  I thank you for sparring me, and for your continued kindness to me Heart
I don't think I'd want to argue with you in person either, you'd beat me simply put, but your love is definitely powerful.  I could probably learn many things from you as far as life lessons goes.  You seem to have yourself very well.  There are many things I want to compliment on and about of you, just know I see you as a powerful person in my mind who I think will go very far in life, actually, I feel like in comparison to anything I ever will do, you're on a completely different level higher than I already.

-ponders who else-

It's worth mention to Gemini, some of the things you've said are like hidden gems to me, leading me to lines of thoughts and insight that I would have never of imagined had I not thought along the lines you offered.  Minyatur too provides this same service unintentionally to me.  You both could probably devise the perfect intuition system for reality Tongue

-there's more but I'm not recalling their names!!-

I also want to give Overlord Steve a special thank you.  As a person who hates IT from only 3 years of schooling in it, I give you major kudos for being able to handle the constant madness that is Computer Based Program Operated ANYTHING.  Everything goes wrong somehow someway, you keep this site in tiptop shape alongside the other things I've heard you're in charge of maintaining.  Thank you too.

As well as all of the above for being here to make all of this possible.

Kaaron, Tamyryn, someone else, and another person who's name I don't remember off the top of my head.  I think, Namaste, and a few others, and more.  Some oldies, some newies.

Thank you Yera, and everyone else.

Ahh forget it.  Thank you everyone for cocreating this place into what it is.  Here's to future positive changes, good Energetic Health, and Love!

Oh, and thank you me, for being myself.  And by extension, everyone else, and the...infinities of infinity.  Yay! Heart

Do with me as ye shall Overlords, I have Given some of my many Thanks Wink

Anyone who doesn't want to be mentioned just pm me, or even report the post if you want (it is proper after all), I'm sure we can come to a clear and concise conclusion that I mean no harm, and secretly plan to control accept your desires and try to manifest them.

But no Unicorns, I'm not into Mythical Alchemy.  Dodgy
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10-07-2015, 11:28 AM,
RE: Giving Thanks
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Thanks for sharing all the awesome heart energy. I'm addicted to love, so if I can help facilitate more love, I get my fix and all is well. Big Grin 

Thanks for sticking in there with the rest of us bozos, Van, you keep us on our toes!
There is no magic greater than honest distortion toward love.
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10-07-2015, 02:59 PM,
RE: Giving Thanks
Thanks TTP.

Doubt everything. Find your own light. - Buddha
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10-08-2015, 01:51 PM,
RE: Giving Thanks
Dear Van,

At Bring4th we have clear limits placed upon the quantity of love and light which a member may shine into the forums. Your post has made the needle on our Geiger Counter device shoot into the red. (It actually went to maximum because it couldn't measure your post.)

This kind of expressing of sincere gratitude and highlighting the contributions of other members and sharing love could be contagious. It could inspire someone else to give love, and then another member to express gratitude, and then a third person to re-see the challenges of forum catalyst in a positive light of spiritual evolution.

It could lead to feelings of closeness and mutual respect and friendship and harmony! The results would be disastrous for agents of the negative polarity!

As such, we definitely need to eliminate your post immediately.


You wrote:

Quote:please feel free to edit or delete this post for it is infringing upon at least one of the Guidelines,

What possible guideline could your post infringe upon?

Last we checked there was no guideline prohibiting or limiting kindness and self-reflection.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You got this heart center cranked into high gear. Heart

Love & Light to you

Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear, but love unexplained is clearer. - Rumi
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