2015.09.19 How to discern which chakra an energy blockage originates from
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2015.09.19 How to discern which chakra an energy blockage originates from
I decided the new Q'uo channelings need a place here, as somehow I had missed one and was only aware that 2 had been done (3 have!). So I'll try every few weeks to create a space here for the newest channelings, and we can discuss them if anyone would like.

Choice qu'otes from this session:

Quote:The question of the energy centers is indeed among the most central for those of third density who wish to engage in that kind of spiritual work which can best be done in meditation. The energy centers can be likened to a musical instrument in the sense that the different centers each contribute to the whole by providing a tone, one could say, that when played well, provides an harmonic expression of the spiritual being. So while it is true that there is an hierarchical structure to the energy centers, it is also true that, in a well-tuned being, all centers are contributing simulteneously. So we would caution against attempting to occupy, in your meditations, simply the highest of the energy centers that you feel is accessible to you at the expense of the lower energy centers, which we would stress, do still form an important part of your being and indeed the more basic part of your energy system.

So, if we may begin by looking at the red ray energy center, as we have called it, which you may find at the base of your spine. This is the center at which energy is first taken up into the more etheric body and while work of a more individual or particular sort may not be done at the red ray level, it is yet an important consideration to have this energy center open, for it gives the entire system the initial fusion—infusion, we correct this instrument—of energy that comes in from below. The factors that tend to close off the red ray are those of fear, those of excessive anger, those of excessive lust. Such factors as these can so overwhelm the energy system that no further work may meaningfully be done while they prevail. So, a bright and cheerful attitude toward spiritual work is, what we may call, the best beginning.

Now, with such an attitude in place, one may move up the system of energy centers to that ray which we have called the orange, and we find there that the attitudes that one has towards other selves with whom one has a personal relation are central to this energy center; and also the sense of self that one entertains for oneself is a factor of importance for dealing with the intake of energy at this level. Blockages may occur at this center when difficulties are discovered, either in the relation of the self to itself, or in the relation of the self to another. If these blockages are in place, it is well not to attempt to go higher, for to do so will mean that one is working with higher energies in a way which is distorted at a level below their proper sphere, and it is not possible to correct these imbalances while in the configuration of the higher energy center. Therefore, while for example, it may seem highly desirable to the seeker to be doing work in the blue ray or in the indigo ray center in meditation, this work will not be effective until the clearing of the lower energy centers has been achieved. When one feels joy in relation to others of one's immediate acquaintance, when one feels joy in being who one is, one can then make the effort to move higher in the chain of energy centers, and undertake work within the yellow ray center of activity.


So, we would suggest that the question of raising the level of the energy center activation is, for the evolving seeker, not the only question to be addressed, but rather, it is of equal significance and increasing importance to engage in the process of balancing all of the energy centers in relation to one another. This requires continually going back down to the lowest and moving back up to the highest. and going back down and moving back up, and going back down so that one learns to play that tone poem which is the energy system with more and more skill, and more and more clarity, and more and more devotion to being the highest and the best and the clearest channel for the energies it is one's privilege to convey through the various expressions of the self.

And Lynn's interesting offshoot question, on how to tell if you have created a thoughtform or just tuned into its existence:

Quote:I am Q'uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

L: Q'uo. I have a question. It doesn’t have to do with the original topic if there's anyone that has one to do with the original topic I'd wait for that.

Nobody? Years ago I created a race of extra-terrestrial beings in a story I was writing, and years later I've encountered people that I didn’t know at all who claimed to have seen and interacted with these beings in a way that seems very real. I was thinking of how this type of thing in general might pertain to inspiration or possibly just the creation of a thought-form. And I'm kind of wondering, would it be better in that type of circumstance to consider the idea of inspiration of information having come through and in related fiction? Or is it possible to create a thought-form of that depth to where it can impact complete strangers and how one might care for a thought-form like that? I'm not sure if that's a clear question.

I am Q'uo and believe that we have the gist of your query, my sister. The thought-form indeed may be created or it may be perceived. The creation of a thought-form is possible by the concentration upon such a form of thought which is, shall we say, manufactured by the conscious mind, or perhaps through inspiration from the subconscious mind there is the perception of a thought-form that has existence in another realm of the density in which you inhabit. Thus, you have two potential sources for this thought-form entity that took its places upon the narration and story that you have created. The first being, as we said, a creation of your own mind, the second the perception of your subconscious mind.

Is there a further query my sister?

L: How would you go about telling the difference?

I am Q'uo and am aware of your query my sister. We shall pause briefly as we are aware of the recording device having need of attention.

(Side one of tape ends.)

I am Q'uo and we would suggest my sister that in your meditative state you observe the qualities of the character in your story and observe how, in this state of observation, the character behaves. If you're able to see without any conscious intervention on your part how the character continues to move and evolve, you may consider it a product of a contact with your subconscious mind which has relayed to you a being which does exist. If there is no movement or development in the meditative state, you may consider the possibility that it is a creature of your conscious mind's creation.

Is there a further query my sister?

L: No, thank you Q'uo.

There is no magic greater than honest distortion toward love.
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RE: 2015.09.19 How to discern which chakra an energy blockage originates from
Damn, the universe is truly, truly wild and beautiful.
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