Organize by topic? (suggestion)
01-25-2009, 05:02 PM,
Organize by topic? (suggestion)
Hi everyone!

It's been a little while since I posted anything- just a little busy with a toddler running around. That'll probably be the norm with me Smile

I was thinking that it might be really helpful if there was an additional way that the L/L transcripts were organized. In addition to chronologically perhaps it could be sorted out by topic. I noticed this was done at the Michael channeling transcript page. So there are a list of topics that are alphabetical ranging from "Atlantis", "Animals" ... to "Past Lives", "Parallel Universes", to "Working with others"... etc.

Each category when expanded opens up all of the responses to questions concerning those things. I frequently make use of Google when searching through L/L (e.g. 'subject which is helpful. But it would be even better to see it organized by L/L instead of a google-bot.

Naturally I understand this is asking A LOT! It would take a long long time to this. Maybe we could accomplish it, assuming there is enough interest in doing so, through multiple volunteers. Even if we went through the content and added a few key words or tags along side each PDF transcript to indicate it's content, it could make search results more accurate.

Just some ideas... any thoughts?

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