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Hello all, my name is David. I'm joining this forum because I am in need of friends and companions on this seeker's journey. I have two fellow seeking friends who I can talk to about the metaphysical and magickal, and often I even get blank stares from them :/

Anyway, my wanderer story was quite interesting and unexpected. I've always been a mystic in my life. Ever since childhood the realms of the unexplained, the spirits, and ETs have been fact to me. And I've always had that sense of not truly belonging. In school, i was quite and kept to myself. I always made one best friend and we would always be with each other and talk and just be ourselves. But gaining friends and fitting in has never been attractive to me.

Ok, so the story begins after I went to hell and back. I got so lost in life and every movement was painful. I got addicted to drugs for three years, then by the grace of God I was able to stop. During that time of great darkness and confusion, I began to lose my way spiritually. I began to research the left handed path. In the back of my mind though, I knew this wasn't my path. With hindsight, I see I was trying to gain control over my life. After I got off the drugs, I still had much healing. Things weren't getting better, the issues that I ignored became intense to a point where it was too much. My relationship with my father particularly has been rocky all my life. During that time I never thought we'd reconcile or forgive.

This is where the magic begins. I was at the library looking for a Vampire Chronicle book by Anne Rice. Among her books on the shelf I saw "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt". I scoffed at it. I was disenchanted with Christianity at that time because of its followers. I didn't understand who Jesus was or what he taught, instead I judged the religion by the actions and hypocrisy of its followers.
But there was something about that book that caught my attention, something deep inside of me stood up and began speaking. Albeit in Silence.
I returned to the library about two weeks later and saw the book again and it was speaking very loudly. So, (with hindsight) I took the leap of faith and abandoned everything I thought I knew and opened myself up. I checked the book out and read it, and the Christ's compassion touched my heart and I learned who Jesus Christ truly was. I later read the Gospels and was amazed at what I was reading.

This Truth was not a truth I saw reflected in Most Churches today. I. Explored different sects of Christianity and none of them satisfied me. There was always bias and judgement and the influence of the negative polarity philosophy. I didn't know what I was looking for, but I knew what I was not.

I then began research of UFOs and conspiracy, and during that very confusing research another book popped out at me, the Law of One. I didn't read it for another few months, but when I read the Law of One finally everything changed in my life and life hasn't been the same since.

Everything that I had been researching and seeking came together in the most beautiful, magnificent way! I saw my personal spiritual path, the one I had been seeking all my life, right before my eyes and I finally placed my feet on the trail and have been walking ever since.

The leap of faith or the archetype of the fool is a particularly powerful one, in my opinion! Amazing things subjectively happened because I took that leap. Truly you don't know where you will land, but the faith keeps you safe in midair and one finds that his feet are then on solid ground.

I wish you all love and light. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. And I hope that I can make  friends and companions with those of this group Smile
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RE: Hello!
Greetings David and welcome to the forum!

There is no self in the sense of separate individuality, yet there is one prevailing identity.
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05-16-2016, 11:03 AM,
RE: Hello!
I had somewhat similar but with the Tora, as if my sub-conscious was sending me signs of what to put focus onto as senseless and stupid as it could appear. It all makes perfect sense now.

Thank you for sharing David, I felt your love. Welcome to our community.
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