Hi :)
12-22-2016, 02:27 PM,
Hi :)
Hello, all  Smile

After reading through the forums and enjoying many of the conversations and sharings, I decided to register and share my own views and experiences which will, hopefully, help someone, somewhere, somewhen.

I was drawn here due to a 'reading' from Gary at http://www.icheckyoursoul.com:


Your soul score is 57, you're a Wanderer!! You have .69 cycles left on the 1.74 cycle contract you made with God (Source) You've had 122 past lives on Earth as a Wanderer. You come from a planet about 75 light years away, where the people have Bird DNA, which means you have a Bird soul, making you more perceptive. There is a small Wanderer section near the bottom of my http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/?page_id=407 page.

Wanderers have special spiritual skills and are on a mission of sorts. On a scale of 1 to 4 in halves and 4 being the best you are rated a 4 at doing your mission on all of your lives combined and are rated a 4 this life.

You have hardly any bad karma and you have a whole lot of good karma. Good and bad karma are equally important and do not cancel out. Good karma is mostly used to get a higher quality reality or a good life, so compare your life with everyone on Earth, not just those around you. On the same scale your skill level as a Wanderer, before you started and hardly changes is 2, my skill level is 2.5

It is predicted that you will have 72 more lives on your Wanderer contract, so 122 + 1 + 72 = 195 is the number of projected lives you will have on your Wanderer contract, while the average is 183. So you are taking less time on the soul plane in between lives with your guardian angel & other help, going over your last life and preparing for your next life, than the average Wanderer.

You have a very high soul score, hardly anyone is over 58, you got perfect ratings and you are doing fantastic on karma. With your medium (2) skill level, you are to help Humanity in various ways as you are in Reiki and maybe other ways.

A Wanderer's life is on a path that is 96.5% etched in stone so to speak, the soul prepares for this path and the mind has 3.5% freewill. This little free will is enough and prevents the Wanderer from making most blunders; however, if you would like to discover your soul's hidden talents or the ones you've used in previous lives, or get answers to spiritual questions try the sway test on my http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/?page_id=17 page.

For example stand up straight and say or think "I am good at healing."  If you feel yourself leaning backward, you aren't good at healing; but if you feel yourself leaning forward, you are good at healing.  So you should learn about it, practice it, develop it, and use it to help Humanity if you want.  So make many statements, your soul and guardian angel will tell you if the statement is true or false and then go from there.

Be sure to make statements instead of asking questions, change your question into a statement and then find out if the statement is true or false to answer your question or you won't get full value. Try this test during shopping, say or think "This food contains GMOs" and see which way you lean. If your question is "Did I have a past life in Atlantis?" make a statement "I had a past life during Atlantis," do the sway test and if you lean backward you didn't; if you lean forward you did.


Around the same time I came across David Wilcock's material on what was then Gaiam TV, where he spoke of Wanderers as well as the Law of One which has led me here, and I intend to begin reading the Law of One in the near future.  From the quotes I've read on various threads it certainly does sound very interesting!  Big Grin
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12-30-2016, 04:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-30-2016, 05:38 PM by third-density-being. Edit Reason: spellings )
RE: Hi :)
Hello Dear Purple Owl,

I would like to express my opinion but I’m somewhat afraid that it may offend/hurt You in some manner. By writing this I hope for You to realize – if it happens – that it wasn’t my intention. I simply want to offer You my perspective with no strings attached ;-)

When I was reading Your post, at some point I had an impression, as If I was reading about a computer game – especially when You wrote that your “skill level is 2.5”.
I think that You directed your Seekings to a direction that gives false structure and thus producing false conclusions. For example it is unacceptable for me to determine “fields of giftedness” of a Being simply by direction in which You feel You are falling. Especially, that when You start to over-observe something and over-focus on it (physiological aspects are utmost vulnerable to such action), You yourself start influencing an entire process.

Please bare with me. I think You are Amazing and that You do not need that website nor anything else. The Point of Power is within You, in the Present Moment. We of course often projecting it on Other-Selves, different institutions, experts, etc. However it is only a projection of Point of Power, which is in fact a mean of creating your own reality. You already possess all the tools and they are dependant on nothing else but your own will/understanding/Consciousness.  

If You feel that You are a Wanderer, pursue this Feeling without outer structure. No one can tell You, that You are “a Wanderer with a score 2.5 on 1-4 scale”. There is no scale within this reality which would be able to measure Your Beingness in any, even approximate way. You may be as well a sixth density Being near the graduation whom came here to refine qualities that are totally beyond Our comprehension. There are no limits, no scales. Please free your Self from such confines. You are Immortal, Everlasting, Everchanging. To learn Self is a task for an eternity.

I hope You will start reading The Law of One and when You do, please treat it as something separate to You current “view of things” – not supplementary. It is a Unique point of view and should not be mixed with other information, especially at the stage of learning it / reading.

All I have Best in me for You
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12-30-2016, 05:41 PM,
RE: Hi :)
Are you paying for this information purple?
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12-31-2016, 03:25 PM,
RE: Hi :)
Welcome to this place, PurpleOwl Smile
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01-01-2017, 07:37 AM,
RE: Hi :)
/Contact Gary Peter Carlson, I am a white male 62 years old, most of my adult life, I have been a pro gambler in mostly poker, sports or 21 (blackjack) or a casino worker./

A life long professional zero sum gamer... at least he's being honest about it. I believe we as individuals need to be Sovereign, to discern for ourselves and stand firm on the ground, and possibly help others do the same. We struggle constantly to do it, and it's not easy.

/77.10 Questioner: Is there any technique which we could do that we have not been doing that would be beneficial for the instrument in this case?
Ra: I am Ra. We might suggest, without facetiousness, two. Firstly, let the instrument remove the possibility of further ingestion of this group of foodstuffs.

Secondly, each of the group may become aware of the will to a greater extent. We cannot instruct upon this but merely indicate, as we have previously, that it is a vital key to the evolution of the mind/body/spirit complex.

Category: People: Carla, Don, Jim/

Ra mentioned confusion is kind of characteristic in 3rd density experience.

/The adept, then, is working with the power of hidden things illuminated by that which can be false or true. To embrace falsity, to know it, to seek it, and to use it gives a power that is most great. This is the nature of the power of your visitor and may shed some light upon the power of one who seeks in order to serve others as well, for the missteps in the night are oh! so easy./

And most importantly, it's good to see you on this amazing forum.
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