Time and aging
05-31-2017, 06:27 PM,
Time and aging
Eckhart Tolle must live "in the moment" all the time Tongue
Quote:Bashar: Channeled by Darryl Anka
’Time & Aging” from “Shock Wave”

Questioner: I’m wondering if there might be an imaginary model. I’m looking for a model, that I might
be able to affect the aging process through…

Bashar: Did you say aging?

Q: Yes.

B: Live in the moment. The more you live in the moment, the more you become absorbed literally in the
moment, doing what you love to do, the less you will age. All of you know the experience of saying that,
“time flies when you are having fun.” You know that time isn’t really flying, and in all reality it isn’t just
that you are ignoring the passage of time. You create time, and when you do something that allows you
to be so focused that you come out of it and say, “Oh, many hours have passed, where did the time go?”
You actually did not create that time. If you feel, feel like you only experienced about one half hour,
when perhaps to the rest of the world three hours went by, you have actually only aged one half hour.
Living in the moment, staying in the moment, following your excitement and staying in that vibration,
unlocks you from the time matrix, and allows you to experience yourself as relatively ageless.
Now, the idea is that when you then realize that three hours have passed, what you’re simply doing is
automatically, and by choice, reconnecting yourself to the time stream that all of you have agreed to
share – because you don’t want to necessarily completely divorce

yourself from that matrix. Otherwise you will not be able to interact with many other people on your
planet, at this time. But the more you all live in the moment, the more you’ll be able to interact within
the Now, and the less aging you will experience, because you are literally creating less time. And when
you stay in the moment you are creating less details, you are allowing yourself to see the big picture of
what you are doing, and allowing your Higher Self to allow the details to be pulled into position
automatically. You don’t have to fragment your consciousness to take care of worrying all the details, or
juggling all the details into place. The fewer details, in that fashion, that you pay attention to, the less
time you need to get done what you need to get done. Do you follow along?

Q: Yes.

B: Does that model work for you?

Q: Yes, quite a bit. I was wondering about when we’re asleep…

B: Yes?

Q: Do we actually physically age at a slower rate then?

B: Yes. Yes, because you are living more in the now, in your more natural state – what you call or
remember as a dream. Now, in a sense, remember that you are in fact dreaming right now; your physical
reality is, in a sense, actually more truly the dream. The physical reality is actually, in a sense, more
truly, really the real you. This is a dream of time and space, when you wake up you will not necessarily
experience time and space as much any more. You understand?

Q: Yes.

B: Does that help you?

B: Yes, very much.


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