Random Appreciative Response to "Directory of Bring4th Staff" (closed thread)
10-24-2017, 01:57 AM,
Random Appreciative Response to "Directory of Bring4th Staff" (closed thread)
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Just a show of appreciation -- here's to y'all!

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10-24-2017, 02:04 AM,
RE: Random Appreciative Response to "Directory of Bring4th Staff" (closed thread)
Do you propose a toast to these fine ladies and gentlemen?
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10-26-2017, 01:57 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-05-2018, 05:14 PM by Dekalb_Blues.)
Getting Toasted, All Right
Not a bad idea, C_A. old boy, unaccustomed to public speaking as I am notwithstanding.

Ahem! [taps '28-Bolly-filled crystal stem with solid-gold table knife -- raps tabletop with nobly-wrought fist -- fires shot from Napoleonic horse pistol into vintage opaline ormolu epergne] Now that I've gotten your undivided attention. . . Honoured Ladies and Gentlemen of the Staff, stalwart backscene upholders of Bring4th's integrity in all its positivity through thick and thin under psychic-greeting's shot and shell -- a toast to your sterling efforts in service of this august forum and its laudable mission!:

Almost all the toasts I know are so bawdy that even I'm ashamed of myself as I mentally review them (e.g. I offered my honour / She honoured my offer / And all night long / I was. . . you figure it out). The rest are mostly arch naval antiques of the "Confusion to the French! A bloody war and quick promotion!" and the Popeye-voiced "Here's to swimming with bow-legged wimming" variety. But the vid puts me in mind of an Irish one that rests easy on the genteel sensitivities as opposed to running up and down their backs with hob-nailed boots on:

May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way home.

The aforementioned sad state of mnemonic affairs toast-wise is doubtless the karmic residue of a misspent youth (which I'm still misspending a fortiori even as we speak, being yet naught but a still-growing freckle-faced apple-cheeked country lad of not quite three score with haystraws in his hair, and just getting my second wind) frequenting low dives with lower companions, getting into tight corners with loose -- well, we won't go into that. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned, morals and ideals lowered so as to readjust the goalposts when expedient.

[Image: quote-those-are-my-principles-and-if-you...120928.jpg]

And it is this being so successfully tested morally in the fiery furnace of Grim Old Real & Earnest Life (I'm currently spiritually-hyperadvanced as all **** -- and modest too!) that gives me the unflinching eye to see others similarly unafraid of the odd singeing here and there if it's all in a good cause. That, and the circumstance that one of these others who shall remain nameless deftly slipped me a good round sum under the table to flatter him/her in proper PR flack style. (Just kidding, I turned some of the bribe down, naturally, and just accidentally happened to have caught the whole transaction on multiple surveillance cams; also there's the notary public witness who owes me a favour who just accidentally was hiding under the table as well.) So anyway -- a toast! After a fanfare, of course:

Here's champagne for our real friends -- and real pain for our sham friends!

Which reminds me of its variant:

May all your joys all be pure joys -- and all your pain champagne!

The Irish have a genius for saying the right thing trippingly on the tongue:

As ye slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point agin ye.

Amen to that, brethren and sistren.

[Image: bc8e84b3e755caa80d81117fa7b91812--irish-...albots.jpg]

My favorite "toast", which is actually an earnestly sadder-but-wiser prayer with pronouns changed to second-person, goes like this:

By the Great Inner Guide from the Unknown Reality
May you be given what you truly need;
May you be taught how to learn;
May you be fitted to serve Mankind and the Creation;
May your innermost heart's true desire be granted;
May love prevail unconditionally, no matter what form it may take for you;
May the Infinite Creator's design be fulfilled.

I'll let an illustrious Sufi, Rumi, have the last word:

Be open to blessings in every circumstance.


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