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RE: Healing and time space
(10-29-2017, 07:22 AM)GentleWanderer Wrote:  Thanks for the replies, i think i maybe didn't formulated well my question which is more of a technical one.
Let's say a traumatic event (or perceived as such by the subject, because the same event could have been seen as neutral or positive to an other person) happens to somebody. The person now has a blockage or emotional trauma resulting from the event.
Many years after the blockage isn't healed, the person is still affected. Then one day, after working on healing the self, with or without the help of a healer, the blockage is healed and the person is no more negatively affected by the past event. It's like if the event never happened.

What has happened technically ? Does the past traumatic event (which is now recorded in time/space, the "opposite" space time) has necessarily been reframed or canceled by healing work ? In other words, what does effective healing do to the recording in time space ?
Seth speaks about parallel selves, does healing shift somebody from a timeline to an other, from a wounded parallel self to a parallel self who never has ben hurt ?

I perceived it in this way.

You see your past in your memories.  Those memories have associations to feelings based on your then-present emotions when you access that memory.
So a humiliating memory accessed say months after it occurred will probably still be associated with a feeling of embarrassment.

The idea of healing is to access each memory with a present desire to discover the love in the moment of those otherwise embarassing unpleasant and traumatic emotions.  Such as a future lesson, a reason that gives that experience precedence.

You go into that humiliating memory and discover that there's humor to it now for whatever reason.  Suddenly it's a funny past memory instead of a painful lesson learned.  Suddenly the bright side emerges.  The mind re-records the memory in the brain as a positive thing.  The pleasure center is stimulated.  The memory makes you smile now instead of frown and blush.  The heart reacts with an altered vibration that positively effects every cell in the body.
Some refer to that healing as a form of time reversal of the DNA or telomeres of the DNA, a form of healing by transformation via transmutation of the vibration of the body (or something like that) returning it to a healthier state, a prime state to fulfil the users desires.

You may see it as taking the 'moment' as you perceive it's recording in your memory, access it through your mind and transform it with a whole new lens of observation, this one called Love instead of Judgment.  The result is it's transformation effects the observer who transformed it, their inner perception reflects through them into their outer perception.
Suddenly it was funny spilling OJ on your pants and being embarrassed when someone called out thinking you wet yourself.  Because looking back perhaps it's a reminder of how the little dumb things in life are often the most powerful and important moments.

Just my take anyway.  I think I could have explained that better though, sorry for any confusion.
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