Battle Cry - a poem
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Battle Cry - a poem
Battle Cry

Air heavy lungs luring moments to come,
seducing the wind down to taste.
Breeze fed vibration cries into creation;
blind hue, shapeless line, sense erased.

Flesh fed desire beats maiden's heart tired,
succumbing to fear's Earthly plain.
Angelics conspire with kingdom's lone sire
to blow fire's blue gasping flame.

Weary they wander in midnight's pool pondering,
masked opulence of success.
Buried is he breathing sonnets to seas
beneath armor of twilighted depths.

The night's son won't mourn the morn sun ever warm;
faint beats swimming shallow in chest.
Senseless seduction by clever wind function,
defeat 'neath the moon's smiling crest.

Thanks for reading Heart
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