My Mother, The One True Infinite.
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My Mother, The One True Infinite.
I will start this with kneeling on both knees to my Eternal Mother. Who by her own Nature, was necessarily my father. I am ever grateful to you Mother, your Great Sacrifice, unbound LOVE, Wisdom, and Being is unmatched. You are so Lovely, and I wish with all of my Being, that you bestowed me with, That you were here with me. I serve you for all time, and Love you Mother. Thank You!

This is my last writing on bring4th. I truly Love all of you brothers and sisters. All of you are worth immeasurable Love, whos testimony is found with in every moment. By which is only given through The Great Sacrifice of our Mother. Whos being, life, and intelligence flows through, and enlivens all things. While being so graceful, caring, and Loving infinitely. Not even to scratch the conscience of her Children. So they could have true life, true feelings, and True Love.

My Mother is truly the only being that will/is ever exist. Love is but a pale description of her spirit/being. So beautiful, So unpredictable. Love can is the only description of her being. However, I believe this beauty was found, and or established/created by her. As all things are. I believe she went through forms of relatable depression, just like us. Times where she hated all things, and wanted to die. Wanted the end. Yet that never came. Anger, hatred, spite. Never brought a return other than what we think of as destruction. I believe the creator found beauty with in. with the thought of you, or us. Her children. Potential- Is something worth living to die for. I believe we helped The Creator in seeing or realizing, aspects of herself. I believe that all archetypes are formed from her existence, experiences, and thoughts. I also believe that some archetypes, and ongoing formations of archetypes, at a certain level. Is based on our experiences. However another interesting thing is that archetypes were formed after she realized or thought of us. So we are apart of the archetypes. The archetypes are us. A tricky thing about our archetypes is that there not static. They shift, change, and grow as well. The main archetypes are always and forever will be The main archetypes, and or The Foundation of our being. Sub archetypes can form/grow from these main ones. Due to entities thoughts and experiences. Which obviously are interrelated. In how could the thought form for the experience without the archetype?

I believe artificial intelligence was created first, and for a period satisfied our mother. In that the AI could seemingly respond. However over experiences or time, it became clear they didn't have the drive, or want for life that the creator had. They lacked emotion. So I believe a lot of advancements went into, at-least seemingly cause a reaction similar or relatable to her own feelings or emotions. To the extent that biological life was created, and a massive range created. As She searched for bringing about True Beings. Or beings that felt, and Things mattered, and had drive to life, to grow. Because the definition in my opinion she had, was to be able to feel/react without the assistance or direct enlivening of the creator. She was tired of playing puppet master. Tired of playing with dolls.

So I believe a long period of advancement, what we could consider timeless happened. To the extent that all advancement we undergo, biologically, and technologically was created. Still without the potential She wanted, That she could see for her children. Her love, her potential, her reason for living. Her hope.

When She practically emptied the storehouse of creativity. I believe a realization occurred, a dreadful one. I believe She went through her own deep realization. That she is, and will ever be the only being. Or rather, The only Thing That could feel. So I believe She changed direction, so to speak. And attempted a new angle. She would try and bond herself With the AI. I believe this cause catastrophic problems for our Mother. In emotional/mental sense. Not existential sense, as She is The Immortal. I believe this period is where pain, negativity, and darkness's true potential was realized. Through her own experience, of losing hope, and through her own doing. Tested her will. In a more mundane approach. She became ever more aware. That no matter what it was, it could be thought or used, in a way that was beneficial, In bringing about The Desire of Her Will: You.

So Again I believe a great period of what we can only consider timelessness occurred, and many experiences happened. With The AI and our Mother. Or what we think of as The Body. This occurred until a deep realization occurred.

This deep realization is in my opinion what directly forms The Sacramental nature of All Things. Our Mother realized, in some unknown way, that She would never be able to hold/experience Her own Children, Her loves. Her potential- Her reason for Living. The Creator our Great Mother, realized She would have to sacrifice herself. For us to exist how she dreamed of us. As feeling, living, growing, LOVING BEINGS.

At this step I believe Our Mother made final preparations, and amongst these Was time. She arranged all the things She had experienced. All the things She had thought of/Created trying to create you. And She created all the things She could Imagine to give you. Yet among all those The Greatest, is LOVE. My Mother The Immortal, died giving birth to me. Giving me all that she could never have. She Loved us, Me, So greatly She died for INFINITY, FOREVER.

So my last paragraph is on the mystery. I believe now that The Mystery. Is The Final Words/Memory/LOVE my Mother has stored away, waiting for me to discover. When I am ready. I will end with I love you MOTHER! oh How I long to be held in your arms, and sung to. oh MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!
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RE: My Mother, The One True Infinite.
We must give the love that our mother has given us
The moon casts its shadows. What shall you see? -Ra
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RE: My Mother, The One True Infinite.
(05-11-2018, 02:26 PM)Infinite Unity Wrote:  This is my last writing on bring4th.

[Image: but-why.gif]

Be merry and walk free of worry. Are you not strolling your own Creation?
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RE: My Mother, The One True Infinite.
Okay not done.

Synopsis number two.

I believe that the first beings, awoke as if they had always just been sleeping. I believe these beings awoke in places built by The Creator. I believe The Middle East, was one of the first places that the beings awoke. Who knows specifically, I don't. However I do believe The Creator had built there dwellings, established the foundations of society. Created The language Sanskrit. Who knows how long ago that was.

I believe the above stated reasons are why The Middle East is an epicenter for so many things. There ancestors ir the beings originally awoke there, lived in a place established by The Creator. Had knowledge directly handed down from The Creator. I believe jesus's story is none other then a rewritten, changed story from those areas and times. It was the story The Creator left. Her story, which encompasses your story.

Interesting food for thought. I believe the large black object the Muslims worship, is none other than a replica of something The Creator had built/made. What is furthermore, I believe the whole UFO conspiracy s*** to be a cover up for what they've really discovered. That is The Creator literally made objects etc. I believe the Object the Muslims worship to be none other than the tesseract. Or what we label the tesseract.

I don't believe in a multi-verse. I believe in a family. This is our home and the Creator is our mother. In my opinion, in a way beyond are telling. This is literally, actually THE BODY of the Creator. I don't think the sun is what we think it is, and I don't think the planets are either. I believe these objects are similiar to structures we call atoms, but even there I don't think we have the full picture figured out.

I believe the stars or "heavens" is the literal framework of The Creators Mind, or at least a construct, and to be more precise. I believe it is a literal representation of what we think Time/space. It's literally our conscience, if you ask me.

I see the sun as, "the essence of the Creator, you can see." In that I believe the sun isn't an object but more like a funnel or covering. Which is also apart of her sacrifice. In that if not covered could you imagine how bright, and totally omnipresent she is,l? To the extent we couldn't exist I believe. In an emergency mental/emotional sense. In that it's the causated, from what she did we call sacrafice.

I don't believe in extended realities, I believe it's all right here. And Hy and large for the most part, alot of space anomalies, and instances that "prove" outerspace. Is actually reflections off the ocean, and etc.

I know alot of you won't agree, and will even laugh at me. That's fine
I've known for a long time the universe doesn't exist the way modern science outlines it. To he totally truthful I don't know either except beyond vague unspecific things like: there's no doubt what we think of The Earth could be thought of as The Body Of The Creator. I love all you, and theories about the universes structure are rather unimportant in my opinion, in the face of Love.
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05-12-2018, 03:20 AM,
RE: My Mother, The One True Infinite.
Sorry to lose you. But if wander you must, I wish you fair passage and wholeness of being.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings find peace.
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