Lemurian Crystals
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Lemurian Crystals
Have others here heard of or worked with Lemurian crystals?
My favorite one is on the left. It has record keeper triangles.
The energy feels fuller than the other two.
It has more of a grounding feel to it, and not so cutting and high-pitched as the others.
It has more mass, giving it a heavier feel.

This is going in a Nano Lemurian Power Wand. It will be an orgonite device that is powered.
It is said to amplify the user's intent. It will work more powerfully than the crystal alone.
The tip isn't perfect on that. The others are more traditional lemurians.
But I like that is is more natural and not polished like the other two.

You ever have a crystal that talks to you?

[Image: lemurians2.jpg]
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