Hacking physical reality
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RE: Hacking physical reality
(09-10-2018, 04:47 AM)IndigoGeminiWolf Wrote:  I often have hallucinated cute cartoon animal faces on my walls.
In the past when I had schizophrenia, they were so cute I couldn't handle it, and I had to turn down the adorability of them
by bringing in images of skulls and stuff to balance out the cuteness.

It's possible for something to be too adorable to handle. I see them because it's a big thing for me.

You would DIE at a Babymetal show. Those girls are purified, ultra-distilled kawaii LOL.

I hear Moa has a smile that can hypnotize a room. I've also heard it's NOT an exaggeration.

(09-10-2018, 05:13 AM)Agua Wrote:  Hey there, my thoughts on this would be:

As for the "Jesus complex"

It´s two sided actually!
It is your deepest potential you are sensing, and your deepest potential is exactly that!

However, the ego like to claim everything for itself, so there is also a lot of ego in it.
As long as it is just imagination, its is utter delusion and simply ego.

However, when you put it into practice, it becomes the truth!
The discernment is quite simple, every bit you bring into your reality in practical terms is about potential, everything that evokes feelings of greatness but doesnt lead to concrete steps in real life is just delusion Smile

As for the "manifestation":
I think you dont have to be afraid of your manifestation powers!
You´re attracting situations and all of this happens in an area that is neither dangerous nor related to any bigger issue you have. You will usually have a natural flow there.

To be be really able to manifest on a larger scale and in a broader spectrum, you need to be pretty advanced on your path.
We manifest all the time, 24h a day, we just dont realize.
In order to manifest consciously we need to have cleared the subconscious barriers in the areas in question.

Just try to manifest for example a big amount of money in the lottery and I am sure you will soon find out where your limits are Smile

This might reduce your fear of power.

However, in a deeper sense, i would add that in truth most of us fear our own power bacause we dont trust ourselves, thats where we limit our power significantly.
If you honestly look at where you misused your power, where you are not trustworthy, this can help a lot freeing your true power...

YES! That is EXACTLY TRUE Agua! Before developing my paranoia, I came to that realization about myself! And I STILL Wasn't becoming my best self! And then I developed these symptoms and NOW I feel FORCED to develop a work ethic just to keep sane.

And THANK YOU for pointing out that point about manifestation, Agua! You have REALLY helped ease a fear of mine!

In fact, I HAVE tried the lotto manifestation thing before, and STILL live with my parents XD

That REALLY helps me right now, so THANKS Agua. DAMN you're good!

And yeah, that makes sense! Projecting one's own fear of power onto the external environment definitely describes the issue behind all the various paranoid fears I've faced in my life... I look back at my fears: Being transported to negative timespace, becoming a robot slave, worrying about somehow unintentionally selling my soul, etc. etc. have been some of the more BIZARRE fears I've projected my fear of my own power onto. It's always been SOMETHING. Now I'm coming face to face with that fact. And I calm down I've noticed when I do things which correctly and forthrightly interact with the real world and make loving and faithful use of my power, my paranoia starts to ease up! Like writing apology letters, for instance! Practicing forgiveness, to myself and others. Etc. Etc.

Even NOW I'm dealing with bits of anxiety and mental resistance! But you are SERIOUSLY helping me ease my issues by leaps and bounds! You're amazing Agua! Thank you!

(09-10-2018, 09:10 AM)peregrine Wrote:   
As regards the relationship between synchronicities and the ego self, you might consider how you interweave the element of service into the dynamic.  The dedicated desire to serve (as distinct from a casual desire) could offer some guidance.  Whence comes that dedicated desire, I wonder?


It comes now, out of necessity, because it's either do that, or let the paranoia get worse and probably reach a state of full blown psychosis.
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