A vision of the Temple of One
11-02-2018, 07:57 AM,
A vision of the Temple of One
A vision of the Temple of One.

This is from my diary, where I go through an unpublished Enochian work on Major Canis/the Sirius star system.

Before i enter this temple i go through some thing else, and ends with feeling an advice so well on my body:
"To ignite this Fire, find all your sources of power and symbolize them, and adore them. Daily! All your desires, collect them and adore them, smoothen with dignity." And i suddenly want to fight for having my heart open and working in that vast sphere of this fire.
The Fire turns to be the will of One, a greater project, very pervasive and very convincing.

6th April 2016
Stage 4) Entrance
Darkness is covering all. The silence is greater than in the former visions. I am in a building, a temple. It turns out to be a step pyramid covered by a ceiling. Its not steep. I am entering from the behind which all do, walking the steps, under the humiliating low ceiling. Then I see a faint flame in the front of the center of the pyramid. It doesnt look impressive at first but i feel it is all. And practically it is all there is of light here.
But suddenly there are flashes of that ultraviolet light within the temple as protoplasmic lightening.
The One makes us all into none, that darkness of the large Temple with that single little flame. This Temple has a dome - over the flame and stretching over the front part of the pyramid.The dome is a structure with glass windows, even if the flame will be insignificant in daytime. The dome is high above the flame, like 6- 10 metres. There maybe 7 steps of this pyramid. The top of the pyramid where the flame is placed, is highly guarded by ropes and Priest guards. In the front of the pyramid is a little amfi where people sit watching the flame and ceremonies. This I think would be a strange looking building.
"The One is alone and you are none - until something else happens".

Stage 5)
The Temple with flame is here still. The loneliness, the exclusivity. "Thats how it may feel today. This is the temple of yourself - as there is none other than you in your body". Something unreadable.
I am now sitting in the Amfi before the flame. At times the flame is not so faint. It is quite large. (Gas driven?)
There are of course spiritual settings and reasons. The Flame is now in its active phase. It is tall and slim and dancing. In peculiar rhytms and shapes.
And then the stars shine in on the single flame. How wonderful sitting here watching this meeting. How lone is the one now, when Nebulae is blinking to him?
The corners of this pyramid is cut, making stairs. There are also stairs in the middle of the pyramid sides.
The Flame is now very outgoing - to the stars and great clusters.
REALITY, thats what inspires the many behind this Temple of the One. For here he is the One between many, and the sole One. This must be an actual temple of Ra, not from Earth. What i see must exist somewhere in the Universe.
The ultraviolet light starts flashing again. There is suddenly lots of protoplasma in the air, highly creative energy.
The flame seems eruptive now.

Stage 6) The center.
Priests with tall staffs banging the floor at times in cermony. The flame is as bursting with ultraviolet light and all that protoplasma. The priests are tending this situation. " It is called his exuberance". A star creation centre caught in a flame?
The Sun has now risen. The flame is still visible, but its a different situation.
The priests sing to the flame and it becomes voluptous astrally. I see it but cannot feel what is happening. The flame is tended with sounds, chiming and cymbals.
But just kindling incence to the One makes it a Holier place. And in this light a person takes shape.
The still flame is also of special interest. When it doesnt move, it gets static and aligns better with eternity. In such moment you can grasp a lot.

7th April
Stage 7)
I am suddenly aware of the Heavens above, the Birds and the weather, all in ignorance and well aware of the One.
The ultraviolet light was that which i have seen Nuit and Hadit create, also known as the 7th ray. I feel like i am composed by this light fluidium, where death cant reach you and ascetism is the only act possible to do. Then i am getting out of the flame, and am as a substrate where he lives, but independent.
Stage 8)
This is goodbye to the Temple of the One. I pass over to the seaside, where white beaches shines in daylight. The green landscape is modest. In the sea i feel all the life harmonious to One, and who also have been shaped by the presence of this temple.
The temple disappears behind, but the presence of the flame does not disappear. Astrally it shines as a beacon reaching very far. The Moon rises as an interruption, faint impostor, even its spirit is irritating.
The passing of horizons, the Temple is fully gone.
This vision made me understand how the ancient fire temples worked. The Main temple of Atlantis is recalled by several to have been such a flame temple where one gets lost in the divine light. The basic principle is that a flame is a very receptive place which holds the energy projected upon it, and letting it accumulate and even grow. And it matures and can develop to become a strong fountain of higher spiritual forces.
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RE: A vision of the Temple of One
How could we ever leave. I know we had to but I have mourned my brethren and this ever since. Its all I want. And my tf, and save the souls. He let me hug him at times. Through the crystal. I've always stayed loyal. All in one. Singing. Holding hands. Until the consciousness comes. One, with all, and your own soul. No you never get over it. My brethren. So special to me.
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