So I just watched magic unfold before my eyes - Rahaf Mohammed
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So I just watched magic unfold before my eyes - Rahaf Mohammed
This has been a long 24 hours. It came to my attention that a girl who had fled saudi arabia was detained in bangkok airport when trying to reach Oz for asylum, who was to be sent back to Saudi Arabia. She managed to escape during a family trip to kuwait (saudi women need a male guardian's permission to be granted exit to travel or to work) Somehow she managed to go viral and with a reporter, barricaded herself in her hotel room until the flight left and demanded access to the UN, with many helping her, see her twitter:

Many started to push people in the right places, including myself. I started sending faxes to places like the UNHCR and embassies of many countries, thinking its harder to ignore something in print, many others got on the horn or otherwise sent moral support. I pointed out that to create a more positive world for our children, we must NOT let this slide.

I carried out a pagan working myself, to call for positive aid from across the cosmos to 'inspire' people to do the right thing keeping with free will. My housemate keeps a powerful quartz crystal used in workings like this. Many others around the world were praying or meditating for a positive outcome. Following the twitter feed, first officials trying to get her to come out of the hotel room, the UNHCR trying to get access, the saudi posts wanting her killed, the insane levels of moral and positive supports. Even extremely negative/conservative places such as the Daily Mail comments section were all in praise supporting this girl and her plight. I watched as nearly 100k people online and many more offline started giving this girl support, and it has bought to the surface. The reporter who locked herself in the hotel room with the girl is exactly what I dreamed reporters should do as opposed to just film events since a child. Direct action of love/compassion/support to others, no pussyfooting around with the loyal opposition and letting things slide, as happened in 2017 in NAIA airport when a similar person was bound, gagged and sent back to saudi.

She is now safely with the UNHCR, awaiting resettlement to a third country. Watching this live has done 3 things within me:

1. I am now sure, the overall harvest of those who are harvestable in the world will be service to others, in a larger number than previously thought
2. I want to take part in humanitarian efforts and wish to join an organization like the UNHCR. I have had problems finding/keeping stable work, I have found something that empowers me. Sending all those faxes felt good, and sharing numbers other people could fax. Many others went to embassies in person or got on the horn to them or put pressure on local officials.
3. We must not let this be lost to history, but to actively use this to counter the oppressive regime in the world with love. It won out, spectacularly. Taking no crap, but loving all things.

For a moment, they were on the verge of wanting to drag her from that room onto that plane. Never have i watched something unfold in real time like that, and watched the aid from people like that.

Never have I seen people so united in my life for a good cause. All will be well in the world. Let's keep this going forward, lets be the change we want to see, guys!

I watched a miracle unfold in the past 24 hours, I now see the good that is being birthed in the world. Let's go guys! Love and light to you all! Hopefully, she is resettled in a safe nation soon, but she is safe in Thailand for now. Many people around the world including myself couldn't sleep while sending her moral support, and putting pressure on people to help.

We are as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. Wise words written by JK Rowling, harry potter, book 4.

I will end this on a Ra Quote:

"17.30 ▶ Questioner: Well, if an entity wants to learn ways of it, wants to be of service to others rather than service to self while he is in this third density, are there best ways of being of service to others, or is any way just as good as any other way?

Ra: I am Ra. The best way to be of service to others has been explicitly covered in previous material. We will iterate briefly.

The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence or the heart of the mind/body/spirit complex.

Speaking to the intention of your question, the best way for each seeker in third density to be of service to others is unique to that mind/body/spirit complex. This means that the mind/body/spirit complex must then seek within itself the intelligence of its own discernment as to the way it may best serve other-selves. This will be different for each. There is no best. There is no generalization. Nothing is known."
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