two odd dreams, short.
02-13-2019, 01:22 PM,
two odd dreams, short.
I've had two odd dreams lately, one was a new type of alien race, green flag with a swastika where one of the central bars not the edge bars, the X shaped center had 3 length wise lines instead of 1. It was 6-7 LY away and very hostile, seemed like avian but wasnt and was also similar to dinosaur but wasnt, seemed most like a primate with those in it, had a shotgun to my chin as I woke up so I would say hostile.

Also in a different dream was inside a black hole and saw "perfection", like a specific who I'd have to make myself energetically, how I would have to feel for the universe as I want it to be to fall into position, it was like "god" holding my hand and helping me paint, clearly learning more about my value and place in the univese and getting help, which is nice. Seems theres a battle on for my soul.

That is all.
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