Archetypes of Body
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(04-05-2019, 11:49 AM)peregrine Wrote:  Sorry if I'm pushing this too far, but I would like to read your thoughts on this.  What motivates you to know more clearly why you are here?  Why do you seek wisdom and understanding?  Is there an inner reason for this which you can express?  What signals to you that this is a vital pursuit?

I've said this before, and possibly even to you, peregrine. But I see the archetypes as a way to learn how to communicate with ourselves and our higher selves on a deeper level. We don't have many words for metaphysical concepts, so to communicate with the deep mind, we must train ourselves to communicate in a different way. The tarot uses images. As we coordinate symbolism to language, and experiences/energy transfers, the richness of the archetypes begins to unfold and the "threnodies and joyful ditties" reveal themselves. The more you learn to discern each instrument in the orchestra, the level with which you appreciate the symphony deepen. Anyway, sorry to use metaphor and flowery language, but what one receives that is tangible is not much - it's more like what we receive from a good song that touches us on a deeply emotional level and resonates through our experience. A song can transport us through space and time to a location of ourselves in the past - basically, you know, causing a change in consciousness. Which is what magic is - the ability to change one's consciousness. The archetypes create a map of emotional resonance and experiential viewpoints so that the higher self can communicate with the conscious mind through symbolism to facilitate/encourage the appropriate change of consciousness.
Such beautiful words and eloquence rich in depth and meaning.. takes repeated readings and more meanings emerge.. thank you for the gift in words Big Grin
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