What if Raism was nationalistic ethnic religion.
04-13-2019, 04:09 PM,
What if Raism was nationalistic ethnic religion.
Just a thought I had, Raism or LoO is by far the most distant thing from a ethnic religion but what if it were, we'd be the oldest religion on the planet older than judaism and we could petition for our own homeland in central LA, maybe a few blocks in the sunshine district, or maybe upstate montana entirely, that would be nice, a home for the Raites.

Anyway, any thoughts on how horribly wrong we would go as a nationalistic ethnic religion, would I need to marry an older member to get accepted into the community, maybe cut of my left ear when my first child is born because one ear is easier to clean.

Either way, just putting this out there, I'm so glad I'm not in a nationalistic ethnic religion. That is all, have a nice day.
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