My hope is to encourage you.
04-22-2019, 07:31 AM,
My hope is to encourage you.
   Since this thread is about wanderers, I don’t know if I qualify.  I’ve been told I can find out by hypnosis or other methods, but I don’t feel a need to know.
   Forgive me if this article is too long.  I wanted to include some items that hopefully will be of value to you.
   I am convinced different people are given different gifts.  I read quite a few of the other entries on this topic so far.  Many of you post things about yourself that I have never experienced.  (I have seen during my life a few truly beautiful things.  Once when I was alone and in such severe emotional distress that I screamed for help, a visitor briefly appeared in my house.  Interestingly, I knew his name – which I prefer not to share – before I looked to see him.  He told me not to be afraid.)
   I am quite older.  Many of you are younger.  Never expect life to be easy.  Always expect life to be worth it.
   The Law of One materials found me on the Internet about ten years ago.  I had no idea they existed, so I couldn’t have been looking for them.  Over a few years, I read all of the transcripts.  I have been greatly spiritually encouraged by what our sky friends have shared with us.
   I have been lurking on this web site for some time, and I decided that perhaps I should become a member so I could contribute something encouraging from time to time, while I am still alive.
   Throughout my life I have always felt God’s love for me.  I grew up in a farm family that was incredibly poor.  (I consider that to have been an enormous blessing, because I learned to be satisfied with little.)  [So, to those of you who are poor, do not think you deserve more.  To those of you why have plenty, do not think you should have less.  It is always appropriate to work hard and improve both your own situation and that of others.]  There was no government welfare in those days.  Actually, I think our family had everything in the world except money or stuff.  We always had food and shelter.  We cut wood for heat.  We grew most of what we ate.  When it rained, our house was dry inside.  I had parents and four younger sisters who loved me.  I had never been in a fast food joint or restaurant until I was in high school, since my parents were wise enough to not spend our meager money on such things.  Especially my father was successful at planning how to raise crops that would bring in more income, and after we went from grain into full-time vegetable production, we became wealthy enough that when I was about age 8 my parents had our house wired for electricity!  I consider myself to be an expert in tomatoes, sweet corn and onions.  We lived in the country, and my sisters and I went to elementary school in a nearby village with a population of 27.
   When I was old enough to go to college, I wanted to be a teacher.  Sciences always excited me.  I wanted to teach science.  I did!  I was a beginning college science teacher for 45 years.  Physics is my specialty.  Some students liked me, but certainly not all.  I expected them to work if they wanted to pass.  I felt encouraged that my classes typically had a low drop-out rate because my goal was that as many as possible would be successful and finish the course.
   Having a regular paycheck was wonderful!  And the two colleges that I taught at during my life had the policies that teachers could enroll for classes without paying tuition.  We were only responsible for books and supplies.  I had this insatiable desire to learn!  So, I typically enrolled for one class each semester.  Also during summers I often went to some college full-time.  As a result, I got somewhat educated, especially in the physical sciences.  If 30 semester hours is equivalent to a year of college, I have completed 14 years of college education.  I even graduated 4 times.  I have had opportunities to visit research laboratories where the doorway guards carried machine guns.  (Those experiences were delightful, and I obviously showed respect!)  I don’t enroll for classes anymore.  Today much education is “free” if you have an Internet hookup.  The only thing that is expensive is credentials or degrees or learned skills.
   To those of you who may be concerned about what happens when Earth runs out of energy, don’t worry.  I have held in my hands devices that are typically spoken about only in fiction writings.  There are zero-point devices that can produce energy for essentially free.  There are medical devices using sound and light that can reduce the suffering of many.  I believe that the push for solar cells and windmills to provide energy was done because they are expensive and since they need to be hooked up to the grid, they can still be controlled by the elite.  (Do you really think our sky friends who travel between star systems are using high octane jet fuel?)  There are now so many people on this planet who know about “forbidden” technologies that they cannot remain hidden forever.  Everything I know is also known by others.  [In the current days of control by elite, the way to avoid possible elimination is to never ever possess any hard evidence.]  To those of you who are younger, if you can work toward humans having less political aggression and avoiding war, your future can be amazingly beautiful!
   I really want to tell you about my wife.  There was a time in the U.S. when it was hard to get into college.  (Shortly thereafter, the community college system rapidly developed, and the number of available positions quickly doubled.)  My wife had completed one year of college, and decided to change her major.  She and her slightly younger sister had planned to room together the next fall at a different college.  Her sister got accepted, and she didn’t!  Wow, was she upset!  They said they were full, and since she already had completed one year, she should go somewhere else.  (I wasn’t even in the same state.  How were we supposed to find each other?  Whoever was putting stumbling blocks in her path had a good plan.)  I must have been really dense.  We had known each other for most of a year.  I noticed that what she did always seemed to be positive.  One day I thought, “Is that the way she really is?”  So I asked her on a date.  We married three years later.  Her sister now lives a half mile from us and they see each other several times a week.
   My wife and I have been married for 49 years.  I enjoy spending time with her every chance I get.  She has no interest whatsoever in Ra stuff, but I suspect she is a wanderer and I have no desire to try to change her because her heart seems so full of love.  She has this clever way of chewing me out gently when I mess up!  She sews many many blankets that eventually wind up in the hands of people who have far less than the “homeless” in the U.S.  (We are always on the lookout for cheap material at yard sales.)  She joins with a local group of women who call themselves “Whatever.”  They meet for several hours once a week to work on whatever projects.  Their motto is the Biblical passage which says: “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”
   When we were married, we wanted children, but that wasn’t happening so we adopted 3 brothers and 2 sisters over 2 years of time.  In those days the government was much easier going on regulations, and would accept parents if they believed they had evidence the family would succeed.  We were not at all bored during the following years!  Since they were all age 5-10 when adopted, we now have an extended family.  We see the two sisters and their families occasionally (they live far away) and one of the brothers and his family.  His grandson is starting high school.  They seem to be glad to see us.  (Last year one of our daughters hugged me and said, “Thank you for adopting me.  My life would have been a disaster if you hadn’t.”)  But two of the brothers decided they wanted to go on their own, and we have not heard from them for 25 years.  Their brother who we do see also has not heard from them.  It is a truth in life that if you love someone, that love may not return.  Love them anyway!
   Some years ago we were visiting the above mentioned daughter when she told us that days prior she wanted to go to work but got a headache.  She thought she could work, but as she was walking to the car her headache got so severe that she went back inside the house to lay down.  Shortly thereafter a severe tornado destroyed the building where she would have been working.  Why mention this?  It seems that a lot of grief and sorrow on this planet results from deliberate efforts of a service-to-self nature.  Some seems to come from evil.  But in the case of our daughter that day, the pain and suffering served a purpose.  Perhaps when you suffer, it will leave when its purpose has been fulfilled.
   The next day I went downtown to look at the storm mess and people were talking about the butterfly people that children saw. One young boy had been found in a steel trunk with a lid so heavy it took several people to lift it.  They asked him how he got in there.  He said the big guy had put him in the box and said he would be OK.  They asked, “What big guy?”  He said, “You know.  The one with wings.”  [If any reader is interested in learning more, do an Internet search for “Butterfly People of Joplin.”]  That day children saw them.  I believe spiritual beings are always with us.  The power of those we do not see is greater than the power of those we see.  Don’t be afraid!
   What am I up to now?  Some years since I retired I experienced a lot of physical pain.  People who live long enough to get old typically have issues.  This year seems somewhat less.  I spend an average of 4 hours a day in volunteer work, about half of which I can do over the Internet from home when it is convenient for me.  A real advantage of volunteering is that no one will fire you if you work for free and tell them that you want to be gone for a week to visit friends or go somewhere.  And if they do fire me, I can very easily find something else!
   My wife and I have walked on the surface of every U.S. state, most of the provinces of Canada, and some 20 other countries.  I have had thousands of students.  We have spent time with many people, the vast majority of which were truly enjoyable.  My experience tells me that those who are working toward the light are perhaps 10 times the number of those who are working toward darkness.  So why does this planet sometimes seem to be in such a mess?  If I wanted to control others, I would try to get into a position of power.  It isn’t that the government or the churches or the corporations are bad.  They are filled with many genuinely good people – though some are blind and many are misled from deception.  It is that those who want to control attempt to work to be in positions of power, so that often the high status positions are populated by those I find less desirable.
   In closing, I want to encourage those of you who also have struggles.  If I would write a fairy tale story for children, I would not end it with, “And they lived happily ever after.”  I would end it with, “And they experienced many kinds of hardship, suffering, pain and tears, but their love for each other and the love of their Creator was sufficient to carry them through.”
   My motto in life is the words of Jesus: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another.”
   I’ll close with a story about yourself you may have heard.  I screamed at God, “This world is a mess!  Why don’t you do something?”  He whispered, “I did.  I created you.”
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RE: My hope is to encourage you.
I really enjoyed that. Thank you for sharing Smile
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RE: My hope is to encourage you.
This is wonderful David_1 !! Thank you SO much !! Heart

Life is awesome, I am myself 72 but can’t wait to get up in the morning. I love and have always thought zero free energy was round the corner... we’ll have to turn it one day Wink
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RE: My hope is to encourage you.
This is a wonderful post, thank you for sharing David!
I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
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RE: My hope is to encourage you.
On a night I so needed it, your post fills me with so much reassurance and love.
Thank you, David. I wish there was time and a place for us to joke around. I think I'd love to make you laugh, and to be in person for that.
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