School essay on Ra and LoO
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School essay on Ra and LoO
Friend of mine had to do an essay on a religion and he chose Law of One, the full essay is here, please comment as it would be apprciated:

Anthropology 331
Law of One – Background & Introduction

Law of One is a series of texts from L/L Research through channeling. This communication
is from a being that is referred as; “Ra”  The core system of belief is that life is connected and is thus
experiencing itself as another form of itself. Throughout the collection of these encounters establish the concept although it cannot be referred exactly as a religion but the ideas does borrow a few elements from; Christianity, Dharma, Humanism Asceticism. The overall style is Cultism. In Ra’s focus is on the concept of self-reliance and universal love for all that is living. This includes an idea that is “shared-consciousness”. Basically, every living thing is important to give love to and is highly respected for it’s existence and the purpose to be valued.
Law of One is comprised of five books, of these are the series of questions asked to Ra about
various topics. In which results in Ra answering the questions these make up the “channeling” books which varies in topic and subject matter and documented by the members of L/L Research. The first book in the series. Founders; Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty Of L/L Research. This first book, “The Ra Material”1 is the introduction to later books which serve as an expansion to the rest of theory and philosophy of LOO - (Law of One). They expanded online through an e-library, online forum, and an online store for buying their media on the materials and it’s teachings. The group was officially established during 1961 to 1963 and since then has grown internationally with the help of online services and public forums. which is the official internet forum of LOO where they discuss various topics with other members of the group.

Law of One – Structure
The concept of Law of One is of metaphysics and spiritualism. Teachings from the contact
channeling of Ra state the various meaning of Law of One which provides a varied questions and answers based on a topical discussion with each channeling session. In Law of One, There is one creator of all material this is called “Infinite Creator”. Ra speaks through those who are referred as “Instrument”. This is what a person that is performing the divination or channeling. In the ideology, states there is only one infinite creator, or also known as; “Infinite Intelligence” or “Intelligent Infinity”. It is unpolarized, As a whole. It is not explained exactly how this works in any physics and is left opened to interpret.2  Illusion is used for the sole reason for the Creator to give itself a way to know itself.
“Distortions” in Law of One are referred as movement away from undisturbed unity. Or rather,
changes from the static states of no progress being made within the scale of Infinite Intelligence. There are Three Distortions, within each establishes the different changes within the created universe. In deeper depths of understanding. And there is two directions that it can gravitate towards, this being “good” or “bad”.3 These beings can be either charged in positive or negative or good intention which has kindness and good verses Ill intentions.

The First Distortion; Simply referred as “Free Will” or “Finity” That the created universe is
experiencing the “Creator’s Exploration” that “we” are experiencing. In other words, The motion of a living sentient beings sensing life as itself lives.

The Second Distortion; Is the powerful energy that is referred as “Love, Logos or The Creative
Creative Principle”. It is a type of energy that is referred to being of high order and it allows “Intelligent Infinity” to be formed.

The Third Distortion; Is the form of light. It is what Ra refers as the building block of “Matter”
Shows the movement of upwards significance that is evolution. And further expansion to growth in energy.
In essence “Logos”4 is the process that is in creation of masses, that the universe is created of
logos a cluster that makes the universe and other universes. Thus providing the state of natural laws for the “Logoi”. That the galaxy was created by the “Single Logos”, anything derived from the singular logos will be the “sub-logoi”5 of such. Thus being the “Object” that is created by the previous cycle of creation.

Sub-Logoi & Sub-Sub-Logoi
Logoi is the individualization and differentiation of natural laws. Ra states that the sun is a sub-
logos of that the single logos that had set the natural laws first. And allows the “archetypical mind” to be established in the state of the cosmic mind. Experiences from sub-Logoi are also passed on to the newer “sub-Logoi”.
This creation has eight “densities”6, with each level of densities acting as a single step
in evolution, of consciousnesses. Acting like senses, each one is added layer of types that allow functions that are essential and adds the total sentience that is the universe.

The First Density; Is the first realization of Awareness. According to Ra, This is when the
planet changes from a static state of motion into “physical manifestation” and this process took accordingly “Two Billion Years”.

The Second Density; Which is the next step that causes biological life to begin it’s growth and
evolution further into more complex beings and higher sentience. In which this density took an estimated 4.6 billion years.

The Third Density; Is self-awareness, it is also the first step of the consciousness of the spirit in
this level. In this level the being will decide it’s calling either to provide service to others or service to itself. This is where the beings in this level will have the capacity to learn and evolved to have cognition –  accordingly this took 75,000 years.

The Fourth Density; Is love and Compassion. In which this creates a “Social Memory –
Complex.” Beings that choose this level can either be of service to others or themselves with the emotional and compassionate evolution. And this is learned within that “Social Memory Complex” as in learned within a group. This result took the estimate of 30 million years

The Fifth Density; Is Wisdom. In which are often learned individually whereas in the forth
density it is learned as a social or with others. And in addition, they have apparent ability to shape their physical forms consciously.

The Sixth Density; At this point, this is where unity is reached when the two previous densities -
(Forth and Fifth Densities) are merged into one. Paths of those that chose either service-to-others or services-to-self are placed on one path on this density. Those on this level will fail to master this density if they fail to open their hearts to others. Ra itself is on this level of density. Types like Ra their cycle is an estimated 75 million years.

The Seventh Density; This is the gateway density, at this point full unity is established. Which
the end result is “timelessness and foreverness”. Essentially the resting point for the growth of consciousness until the next cycle of Logos to be made, where it will form another universe and the previous cycle of development will be begin again.

The Eighth Density; Next cycle of creation begins with another logos, including the experiences
of the creator. This results in the total of “Spiritual Mass” combined other universes into one creating a central sun or Creator once again. This gives birth to another universe, a new infinity and a new logos. Cycle repeats the densities once it reaches the eighth step again.  

Law of One – Structure Analysis & Conclusion

Law of One creates a theory that there is one creator, this creator sets the motion in universes
being created in the creators experience that is repeated ad infinitum. It also incorporates divination in the sense of channeling a supernatural being, this case being Ra who is the messenger that is spoken through a diviner or “instrument” in this case. Majority of the theory of the ideology is that the organisms that live on earth, and we – humans are among the first five densities. Rules are given by their distortions this might be intentions. Ones that gravitate to being more altruistic and kind will be producing positive distortions. Those who are wanders those who answer the calling, similar to the calling of the soul. In this context is those who “– move towards sorrow...” This is after learning the understanding of desire. In Law of One has several services, Spiritual Healing, Sexual Energy Transfer, Teachers and so forth, Healers may use their abilities to focus positive energies to help unblock the energy blockages and pain through healer-patient session of dual meditation. Teachers may teach the ideology of LoO, transcribing the books of Ra Contact, Meditation and Lessons on Law of One. Although it has many abstractions that what makes the group and their ideas, it is hard to pin point an exact method that it is mainly and purely spiritual with it’s own creationist theory hybrids with UFO theory as well it borrows the elements of cultism since it goes a different path when compared to more mainstream religions. To conclude, Law of One is complex has layered concepts that share commons with religions of the spiritual base and human asceticism. For the lack of a better term it is a hybrid modern cultism that has many elements that cover a wide range for practitioners to use and meditate on.

The Law of One - Book I (aka The Ra Material) –
© 1984 James Allen McCarty, Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert
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