Can meditation cause harm?
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RE: Can meditation cause harm?
(05-15-2019, 03:41 PM)speedforce131 Wrote:  It's not the meditation per se but it is the beliefs surrounding the meditator. Erroneous, non-practical beliefs can trigger psychosis and even a meditation session itself can cause an episode.

In one of the more recent articles I was reading, the researchers found that having strong religious beliefs was associated with a *lower* incidence of harmful effects.  I found this surprising since certain versions of religious belief (particularly Christianity) actually warn practitioners against doing any kind of meditation, claiming that it opens the mind up to "evil" influences and/or serves as a kind of Trojan horse for "false" spiritual beliefs (they seem to be particularly concerned about Buddhism).

Quote:I've suffered from psychosis and during the time I had it, I read up on a lot of stories hoping to find some success stories. I read one of a guy who went to Asia to meditate with the monks. For no reason the guy had an episode and he had to be taken to get medical help. It was his 2nd time and they got him on some anti-psychotics.

Sorry to hear you went through that!  I haven't experienced it directly myself, but I did get pretty up close and personal with psychosis when a good friend of mine who was living with me at the time had an extended paranoid episode.  Unfortunately, I became the primary target of the paranoia and he came to be convinced that I was spearheading a conspiracy among our mutual friends to have him committed to a mental institution, and had set up surveillance equipment all around the house in order to gather evidence.

It was quite a frightening experience (I'm sure for him as well) but even worse that he continued to harass me and make accusations against me for no less than 10 years following the episode, even going so far as to try to steal my identity.  Failing every effort to be kind and understanding, I finally had to threaten him in order for him to leave me alone.  I guess in the end, he got what he wanted/needed in terms of having to frame me as the "bad guy" in the situation.

Actually, reflecting upon the experience I think that may have been the first time I really started to question the philosophy of "accepting" everything and everyone.  I mean, I can "accept" that my friend was having a psychotic episode.  But simply rolling over and allowing him to persist in his delusions and relentless attacks, while simply "wishing him well" would have been disastrous for everybody.  

I hope he's finally found some real help.

Quote:I actually tried to bring this up with the guys who run the L/L Research Twitter account. I think my concerns were passed over. I read of instances where the channelers were suffering from psychosis but none of the Confederation entities told them what was happening. I think in one session, they even asked about depression and the Confederation entity only answered the *spiritual* portion of the experience but not the physical. It is my understanding then that Confederation entities do not comment on the physical unless specifically asked. I think that they're not there to teach us about our own physical existence as that's up to us to find out. Even if channeling and other psychic work CAUSES these conditions.

Can't say I'm surprised to hear that.  In a previous incarnation on this forum, my efforts to discuss what happened with Don were not met with much acceptance.
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