Can meditation cause harm?
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RE: Can meditation cause harm?
Yes, the dangers of meditation are not often discussed. There are indeed dangers. I don’t think Q’uo or Ra went into it much because there was not much danger to the group in meditation because they were well balanced in mind and they also invoked protection each time.

There are rituals that can help balance our being so that we are more protected than we would be normally. L/L used the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This ritual invoked the four Archangels at the four quarters and banishes the place of working with geometric pentagrams drawn in the air. (And a forceful ritual movement which penetrates the Pentagram and “banishes“.)

That ritual is pretty safe and highly effective. It will work on the environment, purifying it ever more and also on your being balancing it ever more.
The lesser forms of the LBRP are the Qabalistic Cross or the Calyx, as it’s called by some Orders. The QC vibrates a portion of the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew and invokes the Middle Pillar within our being which denotes the balance of Mercy and Power (Ve-Gedulah And Ve-Geburah.)

Although I really don’t think there’s much danger in simply resting in the silence or doing the balancing exercise described by Ra. It’s when we are striving for the higher levels that potentially danger could come to us. We can mitigate the danger by the diligent work on the balancing and unblocking of the lower triad of chakras.
Even so, using one of these rituals would probably help to ease the mind. To help one feel safe and protected. One can also pray and set their intentions.

If one is concerned about mental illness, I would say that meditation can help one get to the root of the mental illness and to begin healing it by knowing it and understanding it. Others may be more knowledgeable to talk about this than I am though.
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