Can meditation cause harm?
05-19-2019, 06:39 AM,
RE: Can meditation cause harm?
(05-15-2019, 04:20 PM)speedforce131 Wrote:  
(05-15-2019, 03:57 PM)Bring4th_Austin Wrote:  I do agree with you that it's a bit odd that while there are constant suggestions to meditate with very little suggestion as to how to do so. But perhaps the vagueness of their suggestion is also why there aren't any cautions. For instance, when they say meditate, they don't specify the "drawing in more light" technique that you had issues with. I think the suggestion to meditate is more about finding something that does work for you rather than attaching to any specific idea of exactly what meditation is. Though more guidance and caution would be very helpful.
I remember reading a channeling session on this subject. Meditation can be anything. It is the meditator that chooses how they want to meditate. Anything that can allow you to enter into a silence and contemplation is meditating. I can listen to music and meditate if that'll help me think to myself & sort out the thought processes.

Absolutely Speedforce. When beginning anything I think it wise to use a little caution or at least a balanced overview. I would never attempt to get into better shape physically by spending 3 hours lifting weights. Simply because my body cannot endure that type of stress. First, I have to prepare my body to be able to do that type of strenuous exercise. Same with meditation. It wouldn't be wise for a person who is just beginning, to do a Kundalini meditation perhaps something more light to begin like what you said, contemplation and maybe a 10 minute meditation. Meditation can change our frequencies, light has it's own and to overwhelm the energetic system with more light than one can handle overloads their system and can cause some of these symptoms. We are doing nothing more than conditioning a part of ourselves to take in more light and activate thoses sleepy parts of the self. We can't do that all at once.
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