Some detailed information please
05-18-2019, 07:19 AM,
RE: Some detailed information please
I believe we live in a constant trance (hypnosis) induced by others or by ourselves (self-hypnosis).

Every unquestioned belief that is operating in our nervous system without us being aware of it creates a self-sustaining loop of consciousness (@anagogy mentioned other good examples) excluding parts of REALITY from the conscious perception that don't support that belief.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines trance as "a temporary mental condition in which someone is not completely conscious of and/or not in control of himself or herself". But is a single human being ever completely conscious or in complete control of themselves?

The meditative state IMHO is a state of consciously expanded consciousness/awareness that includes more of REALITY AKA the parts of consciousness that were operating semi-separately and unconsciously the rest of the time.
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