Bored with 3D!
06-09-2019, 07:25 PM,
RE: Bored with 3D!
(06-01-2019, 09:00 PM)Infinite Unity Wrote:  Yes, it is ok to see the grandeur and see the ever-lasting truth of Oneness, and the Grand Final Destination as One. However I quite enjoy this game, and wish to provide service. For no other reason than......I want to, Just as everything else. We are, I am always...

I love that Infinite Unity,  same here.. for no other reason than... I just want to.  lol.  any smallest deed I love as a matter of fact as it goes the more I love the smallest deeds.   Cleaning a kitchen sink for someone who can't etc...   the smallest manual things.  Washing well the floor of a neighbor. I guess I am just a manual entity and not an intellectual anymore..  Wink

to Louisabell,..  lol lol lol  yes it's all so tiring !!!!!   Can't stop laughing with your post !!!   Big Grin Big Grin
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RE: Bored with 3D!
I don't think you can really be tired of 3D, especially not with a veil.

Everyone probably has a view of what 3D that is really far from the essence of the density. Why? Because everyone is caught up in their personal thematics, of how they make use of the infinite potentials of this density. The Earth itself is not representative of what 3D is and even on Earth across the ages souls have been incarnating into very different kinds of thematics for an incarnation. At this exact moment, the variety of what is being felt across all humans is probably astonishing. An infinitely small subset of now is probably that some are living drama, some are loving another, some are pushing their own limits and bettering themselves, some are creatively creating, some are learning a skill, some are depressed while some others are merely enjoying the wind or the sun. Some are making the choice to self-destruct, while some are making the choice to heal and grow.

You own what you are experiencing, you own the thematics of your life and this is why this is the density of choice. This world is full in opportunity and what any individual is living is extremely personal to it. Once you release your thematic, you become open to something new that suits better how you became. If you don't transform into something new, you keep being resonant with the same thematics.

Soul-wise I feel I am extremely fond of 3D wandering. There is literally an everything-ness to what you can have as an experience while still focusing on service. There are myriads of worlds that live uniquely myriads of things and due to the nature of things as infinite you can literally focus upon any aspect of the infinite you want to find. No one is here because this world so needed it you couldn't have been elsewhere, everyone is here because there is something they resonate with upon their path. This Earth has the thematics its Logos has set for it, these are the things it enjoys to experience and it is quite a beautiful mix of heaviness and lightness, moving from one into the other and the process of release and this movement is probably something you cannot get bored with. There is a deep focus upon contrast because contrast is what signifies appreciation of something. Veilless 3D was like an eternal paradise and this became boring and not very satisfactory, a kind of experience like here is much more satisfactory and appreciated once you move out of it, or even just move forward within it. Just as a basis, the process of veiled self-realization as Creator in the experience of the Creator is plain epic a thing.

Anyhow, if you are bored with your experience then try to look at the thematics of your life not as about the world but as about yourself. Seek to learn what it is that you wanted to learn through it and then you can open yourself to new thematics. You are Creator, your experience will always be what you focus upon and to change where you focus means for yourself to change.

Veiled 3D is a whole lot like a shamanic journey, of which you are the center of your experience. As you move forward, you connect the dots and you see all thematics were about yourself and part of a lesson of realizing yourself. This is the density of self-realization, the density of choice. If you are bored, you are most likely bored of how you are and seek to change.

There is no self in the sense of separate individuality, yet there is one prevailing identity.
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06-13-2019, 05:03 PM,
RE: Bored with 3D!
I think boredom maybe a kind of frustration with getting let down repeatedly. I find that as long as I expect nothing, I don't get frustrated or bored. I just work my STO. They can do with it what they want. I have a lifetime of my own stuff to work on and I don't want the distraction of worrying about somebody else's response to their own catalyst. Also, I don't presume to know the particulars of another person's path or the larger plan of the Logos. Maybe all this roiling activity on Earth is exactly what we need to polarize effectively. Otherwise the Logos is wrong or asleep at the wheel, which I don't think is accurate. I have come to the conclusion that catalyst scales PRECISELY to what I/we need, so if I am feeling a particularly personal degree of friction from an externality, it just means I haven't worked throughout that particular nuance of a blockage.
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06-13-2019, 08:04 PM,
RE: Bored with 3D!
If everyone is exactly where they need to be then really all is well.
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06-16-2019, 09:54 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-16-2019, 09:55 AM by TheSeekersLighthouse.)
RE: Bored with 3D!
(05-31-2019, 02:42 PM)Ixchel Wrote:  I'm so bored with 3D!  I'm not bored with service, but I'm bored of their ways. It's getting increasingly dense. I have more outbursts from them for nothing, trying to guilt and shame. What do you do.

There is loads of fun in 3D. How many places could you sit and play chess with a bud without fully knowing their exact move? Sitting round a board game of Ludo or Monopoly using dice, laughing and joking about specific things? Friendly competitions or just general fun you can do?

Third density can be very fun if you want it to be.

I found being authentic with everyone lead to meeting many genuine people, and I have a very good time in that respect.

Not saying I do not sometimes get frustrated with ignorance of some, but there is plenty to enjoy and love.
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06-16-2019, 01:29 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-16-2019, 04:24 PM by Glow.)
RE: Bored with 3D!
[Image: 4-C0-DF3-DA-7-BD3-4-C06-913-E-BBDA06-E8-D235.jpg]
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I’m not sure why there is discomfort with people admitting 3D isn’t always exactly in tune with our vibration, and we want to be surrounded by an other vibration that we are more franiliar with. That is all boredom with it might imply.
I believe that’s partly why we are here. To love it but to also call in vibrations from beyond the veil. If some were not bored of the games played behind the veil no one would be manifesting the thinning of the veil from within the collective consciousness and return to a slightly more unified 4D.

I love people, I love the planet, I love all the crazy interactions that happen in the flesh with the veil of forgetting, but one can obviously grow tired/bored of it. Once we see/remember we are all one it’s not so bizarre to want a break from separation.

We get bored of the material game but something eventually always happens and sucks you back in, service keeps our light here but it’s not a big deal or failing to also remember “hey I am not this flesh, I am not driven by all the things of the world, separation is a form of the creator too, but I also would like to take off the mask completely for a while “

I am happy here. I’ve done enough inner work that I rest in love most of the time. It’s fine but I really do look forward to being with you all however briefly outside a body even only with an aspect of all-self in a unified energetic embrace where for however long all boundaries between us are erased. To be 100% honest it’s just this level of separation I find tedious. I’d rather play pretend when the veil is gone and we all can still remember we love one another beyond whatever game we are playing.

Not everyone loves the full illusion, that’s likely why we who do not are here though, we are driven to look through the opacity of the veil at those who would call us foe, enemy, stranger or opponents and instead ourselves see someone we love looking back. It’s quite alright to be tired of seeing the game of separation. It’s part of the process of the planet also moving out of 3D into 4D.

It’s all good.
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