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Saga of the stolen trolley.
07-09-2019, 12:56 PM,
Saga of the stolen trolley.
This was originally written as a report to the police for Thomas and his mother to use. They had a trolly essentially stolen and I wrote a witness report for the police on the events, they decided not to use it but gave me permission to post in on B4 and keep people up to date. I will post this in its independent thread as well but post it here as this thread will probably have a much greater longevity as I plan to visit the US again if that is possible and keep posting here when I do so and this Thread will also in general be about my friendship with Thomas.

Thus this thread is called, "Saga of the stolen trolly"

Final corrections to the report I would have made after thinking about it for some more time marked with * next to the passage.

Police are also free to read this if they feel interested. I have a thread about this whole event on my forum with considerable more information if someone chooses to want to peruse.

To whom it may concern.

My name is Aki Greus, Im a citizen of Finland, I live in Helsinki Finland and I am visiting the US to meet my friend Thomas Sweet. I witnessed what I consider a crime. Here is a description of the events of the crime.

Thomas and his mother, Jeanette are taking a trip to Missouri to move her belongings there in preparation for her moving there in a permament fashion. The three of us went to town to rent a U-haul trolly. We got back at what I would estimate was around 16:00 and we left the trolly at the side of the road in front of the house as it was too difficult to back away with from the driveway directly towards the house. Thomas has not had enough driving experience to back it safely from the drive way and we did not wish to accidentaly damage the trolly. It was out there for around 6 hours and we were in the front porch many times during that time recording our conversations for online broadcast and we did not at any point here as much as a car horn or a angry disgruntled grunt from the road so we can assume that it being a busy road, cars could get past it with ease.

We were sitting on the yard at what is perhaps 23:00 but the record of when we called the police will give a very exact time, we called it near immediately after we heard the trolly moving in the back of another car.

Before that, we were sitting on the front porch drinking energy drink and I was smoking CBD flower which is completely legal. *I mentioned the CBD as on the audio recording the sound of the bong can be heard loudly and we discuss smoking "weed" several time in the entire thing, this prements them from making a drug assumption while guaranteeing a possible counter sue if they assume drugs as we have all the paperwork and explains easy to notice back ground details in a positive light which may not otherwise have such a positive mindset, if they say tourists arent allowed to smoke then it opens them to entrapment charge.* We were not participating in any crime as far as we are aware of, both of us are very pacifist by nature and hate violence.

At around 15-45 minutes before the call we heard a car drive on the road and I heard what I can describe as a mix between a faulty car horn and a bad tire, a screeching sound. We thought that someone had pressed the horn on their car to signal the neighbourhood that there was an object on the road. We thought this is not important as cars have been able to pass by it throughout the day as it was an average traffic day giving us no reason to expect there not to have been many cars driving on the road and the trolly was safely on the side of the road. I noticed a red light dimly blinking on the road and assumed a disgruntled driver left a warning triangle on the ground with a independent light and perhaps a note, nothing indicated that there car had stopped there.

We continued to sit there and talk with each other and the recorder was on, at no point did we hear anything resembling police lights or police sirens even in a short burst which would have immediately notified us that it was a police officer, not a civilian car or a warning triangle. Some time later a much larger car was driving on the road and to me this appeared like a school bus, i would be 95% certain that that is what it looked like. I assumed someone was moving the school bus as is sometimes done outside of school time, i noted it on the record and nothing at that point was flashing in the way consistent with a police situation and we were given no information that it was a police situation, we were sitting in clear light around 50-100 meters away and able to hear occasional bursts of their conversation. It was clear from the how quiet a conversation we were able to hear in parts that they should have heard us on the porch in front of which it was.

At that point we heard noice from the first car and recognized that both cars are still there, we heard them move the trolly and assumed that since they work in the dark, a car stays there for 15-45 minutes in the dark, does not show police lights, does not contact the nearby houses or check on the houses with lights, makes no noice, does not contact the Uhaul company to get the phone number of Thomas to call him and did no attempts as far as we are concerned during the entire period he was sitting there in the dark to contact the surrounding area that it was thiefs taking it and we were afraid for our life if we go down there and confront them.

We listened to them and once we confirmed the trolly was hatched onto the back of what to me seemed like a school bus that we need to call the police and went inside and made the phone call, the rest should be on the police database including the conversation where the officer says it was on the middle of the road which points out that either they are speaking in error of the trolly*Added "or it" here *was moved by someone else in the middle of the night, i do not know why the officer said it was in the middle of the road as i am not an investigator.

In short we did not approach 2 unmarked black cars in the middle of the night * in a gun rich area **Would remove this passage as it takes the police mind to violence which i do not wish to get their mind to think of* to inquire if they are stealing our trolly for fear of our own safety and that is the end of my testimony.

With best regards.

Aki Petteri Greus
San Antonio, TX
9th of July 2019
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07-09-2019, 07:14 PM,
RE: Saga of the stolen trolley.
They decided to pay the fine to get the trolley back, i feel like the fact the police car did not announce in anyway they are officials nor did they at any point try to approach us with an official in uniform means they would have been justified in taking this to court, though i do feel like they still probably would have lost. Situation may develop but i hope it ends here and i am just content the situation was resolved. Hope everyone had a fun time reading the news report Smile
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