Warhammer 40k, Voice in the Dark 2
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Warhammer 40k, Voice in the Dark 2
Copied over entirely from another forum from a post I made so description needs a new one, yall know me, the early parts of the story are available for a read online but I recently felt, thanks to my interactions, that I should write a continuation, hope you guys like it and its not again, forum rules, or something.


Voice in the dark, Warhammer40k, storyline update:

First, let's get the out of character stuff away first. I'm the Hkelukka that initially wrote this storyline but I lost my password to my account and had to remake. I tried to post the new chapter to continue the old one but posting into 8 year old stories is blocked so im doing it like this. Here is the first part of the storyline: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/wh40k-voice-in-the-dark.192983/ And here is the continuation, i feel like I may end up writing more but I dont know, it came out a little odd but I hope people like it:

Voice in the Dark, Warhammer 40k, Authored by Cyan/Hkelukka.

From the archives of the Ordo Xenos, 37 years after the fall of authoritarianism in the galaxy and the formation of the republic, from the private journal of Dante the Extraordinary:

“I recently returned from a visit to Slaanesh the Inactive one, after severing her connection to our prime material it became obvious shortly there after that without somehow redeeming her in the eyes of the universal love actions would need to be taken to balance her presence, if we did nothing she would eventually reconnect into the prime material and establish her dominion again, and another human would rise to resist her as the God Emperor and our new rule would become endangered.

It was decided that the best way to affect this type of universal love on her soul, was to find her a spouse worth of her, to find her a mate worthy of her and the universe, not merely of the God Emperor on the Golden Throne, which for a time that now feels like an eternity ruled over as the decider of what is love. Therefore a plan was set in motion, for this plan to come to fruition many a demon would need be contacted.

We began the search in the prisons and insane asylums of the Imperium, it was hard for many of these inhabitants had never even heard of the Warp, let alone the beings that reside therein, a curse left over from the previous regime. But we did find suitable candidates, mortals with lives lived in filth with angelic wings of protection for others in their mind. Criminals of all kind with wings the brightest of angels. As we established a sizable enough stock we set about our task.

We scanned, probed and telepathically intruded upon them again and again until only one couple remained, we judged their depravity and opposite nature to be sufficient to undertake the test we had been planning for, a field test for the ability of Slaanesh to merge with another soul. We got upon a field in the middle of the forest and set upon building a small stage.

When the stage was ready, we brought to two final subjects there, and their connection was immediate, we had kept them separate until now to avoid spoiling the test or, by god forbid, in accident creating another chaos demon, or perhaps a chaos god. Their wings began to manifest as they stood next to each other, perhaps five meters apart and as they turned to face each other instead of facing us, we could tell that each feather on the woman's wings had the image of a naked male child while every feather on the male had wings of the same but opposite in that he had wings where the feathers were those of the naked female child.

At this point as they began to turn towards each other the energy of what we were seeing compelled us to move back, we took up a hunched seated position some fifty odd meters away and started to wait, as their wings started to slowly touch those children in their wings started to grow towards adults and they began to engage in sexual acts with one another, these characters on the wings, the two people were still too distant to touch each other but their wings were hunched forward. I could see a pale pink, white, blue light start to fill the air, with perhaps a small amount of light golden hue thrown in there for good measure.

As the two people approached each other and the wings began to overlap completely, the wings started on their back in what is considered the traditional angel, by the time they were close to each other the wings had grown up the sides of their shoulders and extend all the way to their temples, we could tell that one side of the wings was painful sexual experience and the other was pleasant ones so when they touched the pain touched the pleasure and vice-a-versa, this gave us great hope that this method could work on Slaanesh, and get her to finally end her lust and merge with another, as the weakest and youngest chaos god she would be the first to target for complete elimination, now that she and the other chaos denizens had been denied access to our prime materia.

As they got within touching distance of each other a nebula of pink, white, blue, gold and all the colors of the prism started to emanate from them and nearly enveloped us as well, it may have been some eighty meters in diameter, we were taken back by the beauty of what we saw and the strength of the energy, it lasted for some seconds and next we saw a light as if a star appeared between them and both of their bodies vanished and the nebula was gone, the light started to ascend towards heaven and quickly it was out of sight.

We turned to the holy spirit and asked if we could have our power or if it was within our power to merge other similar couples across time and space and we saw bright beams of light arise from every corner of the Imperium, we heard the fearful ones exclaim that the rapture has come the rapture has come, by this point the old religions had already taken deep root in this new republic, like the renaissance of old. We heard them explain out of sadness they are still a little hoarse, that they have not drunk the love of the divinity deeply enough and are unable to let go of their desire and love for god and let go and be raptured, those for whom love of God was still in their heart could not be raptured, only the criminals, the scum, those whom the universe has given up on or who had given up on it could ascend. For the others, there was no hellfire, no punishment, no chaos to torture them in the warp forever, and very few dark eldar and their services remained, expensive. There was no evil coming for them, but their love for god kept them from ascending, only those miserable enough to welcome the life of silence as a silent partner in the new merge and the becoming of the star in between could ascend.

We saw what came to pass and realized this is perhaps the only way to redeem Slaanesh and have her end in happiness so that when she does rise again it will not be the same one, and will lose much of her power, to first disconnect her from our worlds by powering down the eye of terror, whatever it takes, and then return the intent around and, in essence, hugging her to death. So, so it came to pass that we turned our energy on Slaanesh. It was concluded that I, the one to begin this would be the one to try first, many preparations were made, many steps were taken but when I was ready I was thrown into depth of Slaanesh, still existing as a warp being pushed out of the warp and into a void of only darkness, she was there waiting for someone to come, she was waiting for the eventual other shoe, she was despondent and while there was resistance there was very little of it, quickly I was inside the event horizon of her being and I could observe her interior.

Her divinity, the black hole she existed inside had on the equator a split into two, the whole of the orb seemed to have a face and a humanoidal looking character, sometimes grotesquely mutated like a demon of old, but still mostly humanoidal in nature though it seemed like every being was present in some form, they were looking inward towards her at the lower half of the orb and as they were lower in the orb they started having more of a growling, sad, disappointed, angry face and posture, until at the very bottom there seemed to be a pit of eternal darkness growing ever deeper. On the upper half of her being the beings started to look away from her and until at the very top there seemed to be a spiral of light extending ever further as far as your eye can see, the people just before that seemed to be the old seraphim of four and then descending orders of angels, perhaps my eyes deceived me but for a moment I could have sworn I was inside the love of god, but my logical mind quickly overtook me and I realized it is just how the interior of a black hole operates.

I then turned my attention to Slaanesh and she looked like a woman who would prefer to be an unwashed dog, there was very little of her regality remaining but for certain she was still regal in how she carried herself, even though she had very little of it remaining, she had enough. She spoke to me in a voice that sounded like very syrupy water flowing gently in the air and complimented me for realizing how a black hole operates, then asking if I have come to kill her. I told her no, that I have come to liberate her. She turned her sexuality in energy towards me and I felt a deep overpowering yearning for staying there forever with nary a concern for the universe, for a moment it almost overtook the strength of my desire to complete my task, I gently made a brushing motion with my hand and said I am not here for that.

She seemed mystified for I am at my core a lustified being. I told her I have accepted my nature and will still carry out my chosen mission. I observed her wings, which by this point were almost touching me and overlapping with mine, the glorious wings I have nurtured and grown after the fall of chaos, they were always there in spirit but with the opening of the warp and the power of the mutation, I have grown to mutate myself as I see fit, in the peace of the intelligent infinity. I could see in her wings all acts of sexual nature, from innocent poses to the harshest imaginable, every face, creed, race, and being had a feather on her wings, for a moment I wondered how that was possible but I accepted it as what is. As our wings began to merge and we started to move towards each other I noticed that her clothing had started to change back into its elegant form as if to please me, I found it pleasing but thought that the universe will find it much more so very soon.

I started to slowly approach towards her and it felt like I was walking a long path for an infinity, but only for a few seconds and I noticed that in the background faces from both sides of her sphere of being were starting to merge and lift up from her in a beam of light the same I had witnessed before, it became so fast it was like looking at fireworks and I could feel her field loosing mass and slowly constricting back into the field of the high priestess she was before it all came down for the eldar. I saw her turn into a being of golden light and walk towards me, I could see her much fabled hut in the distance and then I awoke back in the ritual ground where I had began.

Content that Slaanesh had learned how to let go and how her field would slowly return her to her and she could seek true love, my mission was completed and I felt comfortable in returning. There is so much more I wish to tell you, but that is for another time.

Ordo Xenos record

37 Years after fall of Terra

Personal journal of Dante, Heretical Extraordinary


PS: For the love of god, be gentle, im soft and break easily.
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RE: Warhammer 40k, Voice in the Dark 2
Did anyone get that the two wings touching each other is like the two cherubim on the top of the ark of covenant?
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