I, Catalyst
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I, Catalyst
I usually think of catalyst in terms of what it means to me. There is ME and all this other stuff. Why is this person or set of circumstances in my awareness and how can I use it/them to move the ball forward?

The tidy reality is that I am also catalyst for every entity into whose awareness I enter. Put into less clinical terms, I am playing an active role in their return to God just as much as they are playing a role in mine. Man! What a responsibility. This completely changes how I see myself. I am not just here for me. I am here for you and them. I am here to provide a reference point for them to make choices around. I can show them acceptance/love, rejection, or indifference. The point is, they are going to process me and my actions based on where they are and what I give to them. I've heard all about how there are pre-incarnational contracts that entities get into to provide challenges to overcome in 3D and I think people are at different levels of spiritual development and therefore require different sets of choices. At this point in my game, I cannot be a negative experience for anyone. It just hurts. I'm sure I'm guilty of indifference and I'm working on that.

What got me thinking about this was the recent thread on the "avoidant dismissive attachment" by Glow. It wasn't so much as what was said that struck me as it was this community's response. The bias here is hugely loving and supportive. The same is pretty much true for all the threads here where somebody presents an issue involving pain. Love and support. You know what that is? Catalyst. Catalyst for Glow, for the folks supporting her, and for me reading that support. It's just amazing.

It is gratuitous to speculate on what kind of world we would live in if everyone understood what exactly they were entrusted with, because we don't. But I do. Tongue
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