Simple method for fighting viruses
01-28-2020, 11:55 AM,
Simple method for fighting viruses
This may be useful to some of you.
It's used for the Coronavirus, but could probably be used for HIV too.

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01-28-2020, 07:03 PM,
RE: Simple method for fighting viruses
I don't understand enough about the materials and the reactions between them and the battery, but if you or anyone else does can you confirm that this isn't poisonous?

"Copper is a metal that occurs naturally and is used to make many products, including parts for plumbing systems. Copper can get into your drinking water as the water passes through your household plumbing system. Your body needs some copper to stay healthy, but too much is harmful.

Copper can get into drinking water if the water moving through the plumbing system is corrosive. Corrosive water can dissolve copper in plumbing parts. Pinhole leaks, pitting in your pipes, or blue green stains on plumbing fixtures may be signs that you have corrosive water. If you see signs of corrosive water, Lead in Drinking Water may also be problem. Water with a lot of dissolved copper in it can make drinking water taste or smell bad or give it a blue color." (

"Copper toxicity is a type of metal poisoning caused by an excess of copper in the body. Copperiedus can occur from eating acidic foods cooked in uncoated copper cookware, or from exposure to excess copper in drinking water or other environmental sources." (

I apologize if I'm mistaken, it's just too bad the comments are disabled and people can't discuss over the video.

It's very interesting and I hope it's safe and true.  Undecided
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