Self is the Infinite Creator
08-27-2020, 06:22 AM,
RE: Self is the Infinite Creator
Hello Higherself777,

Lovely to meet you,
I am also new on this forum i have been long time observer of the teaching of the Law of One,
I would not label you as having delusions of grandiours, just different than most other people just like i am,
And know you are indeed right for being a wanderer you are not above any one of your self or below anybody else,
We are all wanders just diferent density playing a game to try to get to the next density and your service is greatly accepted,

And you should congratelition yourself for being brave enough to see the truth that we are all one,
I just wish you luck on your yourney because you will encounter differences between people and you,
That is just the confusion, if all was know we would live in a other density,

Just try to cherish your brother and sister for many will remain ignorant,
until the are touched by the creator for the creator.
They have there own clock just be patient.

Go 4th and share your love of creator,
and you will see that life can become easier
once you embraced his love and just hope it would land on the other,

Much love
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